Friday, February 28, 2014

A Very Fun FunRun!

This morning was the much anticipated Boosterthon Fun Run at Lane's school. For about a week we have been gathering sponsors to make pledges for Lane!

The course was set,

and the runners were ready!

Doing a little pre run dancing and stretching!



Lane had a 35 lap goal, and even though he wasn't feeling all that great this morning, he managed to hit his goal! 

Levi and I cheered on our favorite runner and gave lots of high fives!

Doing laps with his buddy.

We got to walk the cool down lap with him!

Way to go big boy!!
I loved this fundraiser better than selling anything! There was loud music and lots of energy from the staff! All the kids had a blast! Such a fun way to get the kids out and running!!

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