Tuesday, June 30, 2015

{Scenes from Summer} Vol.2

Another edition of Scenes from Summer!
First trip to the vet for Gunner boy!

He likes to sneak his way over to me in car rides!

Another week of VBS for these two at Gateway!

Bath time fun!

And back for my birthday we hit the town with some friends! First was dinner, the STP, the drinks and dancing! Fun times!

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Getting Gunner

Our boys have been asking for a dog for a looong time now! Just like with kids, there is no "right" time to get a puppy. So we made the decision, picked a breeder, and now we are puppy owners!
Gunner is a chocolate mini golden doodle! He 's been with us for a little over one week and we all are adjusting! He is definitely like having a little baby around! Eat, sleep, play is the name of the game right now!!
He is definitely a little snuggler and is definitely getting spoiled!!
Here we are on the day we got him....June 20th!!

I'm sure you will be seeing a lot of this little guy here on the blog!!
(Keep scrolling for our first Scenes from Summer post...only a few weeks late!)
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Monday, June 15, 2015

{Scenes from Summer} Vol.1

 Last Summer I started "Scenes from Summer" here on the blog. I snap pics all the time with my phone, some of which just hang there...and I want them eventually in my blog book, so SFS are posts where I just dump random photos that I've taken that I usually don't post on IG!
So here is our first SFS post....

Last day of school fro yo run!

Winning a soccer tourney!!

Lots of summer swimming nights..

Just dance ipad party with friends!

Soccer pizza and swim party!

Soccer camp fun!

Morning work in undies!!


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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

EOY Accomplishments

It's hard to believe Lane is now a 2nd grader!!! He had another great year of school. I'm so thankful that he loves school and learning. The last Monday of the year there was a school wide awards assembly, which honored only a handful of students in the school.  It recognized those with Perfect Attendance (which Lane missed by ONE day!), Incoming Respect Core, and then lastly, the coveted OREO Award. 
The OREO award is the highest award our school gives, and one student is chosen per class. We were notified a few weeks earlier that Lane had been chosen for his class! Talk about being so proud!! 
Lane had no idea he was getting it and gave us a huge smile when he spotted us in the audience! 

Then on Wednesday he had his classroom awards...
looking handsome before school!!

The word chosen by his peers to describe him...Sporty! 

Lane and Mrs. Snider

We missed Mrs. Rich dearly at the end of the year, but so thankful so an amazing sub! Lane loved her too! Just like that first grade is in the books!!! 

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Levi's EOY Fun

Hi there!! Long time...we are almost two weeks into summer and finally getting around to blogging about all the End of Year stuff the boys had!!
On our last day of preschool, Levi had his program and then a fun day, complete with sno cones and train rides!! He had a blast!
My handsome little man ready for his program!

His class singing

They did a great job!

 Then it was outside for fun....SO glad the rainy weather subsided for an afternoon so we could have train rides!

Such a fun way to end his he is onto PRE-K!!!!

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Reading Challenge: Month 5

Hello Monday and Hello LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!! As excited as I am that it's almost summer, the fact that another year (school) has already came and gone is nuts!! This year went so so fast!! 
Moving along....this month I finished two more books....let's see...

#12....Station Eleven....This book was on every.single.bestseller list and was a 2014 National Book Award was literally everywhere I looked and because this isn't usually my preferred genre, because of all the hype (and maybe bc it was like $4 on Amazon) I caved and read it. And I'm so glad I did, it was really good. Civilization as we know it is no more due to a flu epidemic (which oddly enough can be somewhat imaginable these days), and it follows a group of actors who survive the flu and how they struggle to stay alive and rebuild a life. In the wake of the Ebola outbreak, something like this doesn't seem just like fiction, and it made me stop and wonder what in the world would happen if something like this really did happen to us.

#13...You Should Have Known....Tells the story of a marriage counselor who has a great life, when out of nowhere, her whole life and marriage is put into question! I didn't know it would be a mystery, but it turned out to be one. It threw me for a couple of loops at the end. Worth the read.

On another reading related note....for all you Serial fans out there...did you hear....not only are we getting a second season, BUT a third season is in the works as well!!! So excited to see what stories/issues they will be telling!
That's about it...Happy Reading!!

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