Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving festivities started the Thursday before break with Levi's schools' Thanksgiving Feast! It was a school wide lunch and they all looked so cute...especially this guy...

On Tuesday the boys and I headed down to Waco to spend the week with the family at my aunts! We ate, shopped, played games, and stayed up way too late! The boys love being there! On Wednesday Paul drove down to join us!

The boys and Nana!

The boys and Grammie!

My big two!

Early Friday morning, all the guys left to go hunting. We were on the fence on whether or not Lane should go, but ultimately decided he therefore he went on his very first hunting trip!! He was SO excited and Paul said he did great! He didn't get grossed out by anything and loved that daddy shot a buck!! 

We had a great week and have so much to be Thankful for this year!! 

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Monday, November 16, 2015

The Furr.....FIVE!!!!

To say we were shocked when we found out I was pregnant is an understatement!! We had been trying for almost two years without any luck, so we chalked it up to God's will for our family, and thought we were done. So we sold ALL of our baby stuff, and we got that puppy that the boys had been begging for, all in the name of "no more babies for us!"
Well little did we know that that was all about to change! On September 4th, a few days being late, I took a test and sure enough those sweet little "pregnant" signs appeared!! I couldn't believe it! After all those negative tests month after month, we finally got a positive! I was overwhelmed and so excited!!
I waited till Paul got home then showed him the test. He too was a little shocked! We decided to wait a little while before we told anyone the news...just to make sure. Around 8 weeks is when we started telling our family and close friends! I took a picture of the test, and then told everyone to look at these cute pictures of the boys on my phone...when they scrolled through they found this...

It was so fun to watch their reactions!!! 
And then it was time to tell the boys. I bought two brother books, wrapped them up, made them sit down, then told them we had a surprise. As they unwrapped the books, and saw that they were indeed "just books", they were a little underwhelmed. I kept asking Lane to read the titles, hoping he would get the clue, but he didn't and Levi even started crying because it was a book!! Finally after lots of helping, Lane understood and was very excited about the news, while Levi was definitely NOT excited about the news! He may or may not have thrown a little tantrum and kept saying that he did NOT want to be a big brother! It was very funny while it was happening, and eventually we got him settled down and he came around to the idea!! From that point on both boys were happy that we were having a baby! 

After we told the boys, we were ready to let the world know! After seeing something like this announcement on Pinterest, I knew it was perfect for our sport loving boys!

We feel so incredibly blessed and are so thankful for this little one!! Can't wait till MAY!!!
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