Friday, December 28, 2012

Elf Antics: Week 3 & Saying Goodbye

Before I get to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I need to post about our last week with Bernard!
Monday morning he was hanging out in our coffee holder!
Tuesday we found Bernard with a small gift for Lane! The Hawkeye Avenger figure! Bernard had been giving Santa such good reports, that the big guy let him bring an early toy back!! Lane was super pumped!

Wednesday he had left a fun message with Lane's magna doodle!
Thursday he was hiding on our train table!

Friday morning he was taking a bath "Elf Style" a bowl of peppermint marshmallows!!
Mommy missed taking Saturday's pic...oops!! But he was chilling with Levi's Mickey!
Sunday morning Bernard had a special treat for the boys...he left "Magic Peppermints"!

And a note to explain!!
And Monday morning, Christmas Eve morning, we awoke to this....
The Magic Peppermints had grown into Magic Candy Canes!! Bernard also had a sweet goodbye note for the boys, since this would be his last day with us! I found this note via Pinterest, and if you click the pic you can read it clearer, but at the very end it says " that Santa will lift the magic and for a few minutes the boys can touch and give kisses to Bernard"!!! Lane was SO excited!!! He immediately grabbed for him, gave him hugs and kisses and loved on him! Levi was so precious to see how attached they got to him this year!!

Levi still says Bernard's name and looks for him! He's not quite sure where he went! So sweet!! I love this fun tradition.....Until Next Year Bernard!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gaylord Fun

Sunday evening we made our annual trip to the Gaylord with the family! It's beautiful there during Christmas time! It was super packed that night, but we managed to see it all!
Love this wine barrel tree!

The humongous Santa boots were new this year! I loved them!!
 (We had a white & black thing going that night, ha!)

Lane did get to do his favorite thing there, the Snow hill, however all my pics came out blurry! Darn!

Christmas Round 1

Last Friday, Paul's dad and Cindy, along with Holly and the kids, came over to do Christmas! We went to dinner at Hard Eight first, then back to our house for presents! The kids wasted no time in opening them!
Lane checking out his new trampoline from Grampy and Mamby!

Claire had fun on top of the box!
Lane finally got a Dream Light...a cute Cowboys one!
Our quick attempt at a grand kid shot!!

Daddy put it together the next morning and the boys jumped and jumped!! They love it!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas from the Furrs!

Hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas Day!!
Stationery card
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Train @ Northpark

Sunday, after Lane's soccer game, we headed over to the Trains at Northpark! Northpark mall is so pretty during the holidays! After grabbing lunch at the food court, we made our way to the exhibit.
Last time we where here it was just Lane man! I knew Levi would like it b/c he is just now getting into trains!
In case you haven't been there...there are trains everywhere! It's a room full of them! So much to see and look at.

Levi loved looking at everything...he got to walk around on his own, which he loved!
Sweet boy!

After the boys saw all they wanted to we peeked in on Santa (they have the best one), played inside the best Disney store around, and grabebd some cookies before we headed home!! It was a great afternoon with my boys!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Dear Santa....

Friday night after dinner, Lane was begging me to write a letter to Santa! I tried to get him to wait until Saturday to do it (I had grand visions of a particular elf leaving the letter)...but he refused and insisted me MUST write it then.
So I gave in and pulled out the cute letter writing "kit" I found at Target!

He told me what he wanted and I wrote it down...and he signed his name...we also wrote Levi's list!
Much to my surprise, this was the first time I heard about ANY of these things!
All done!
Leaving it with Bernard, to go straight to Santa that night!

Christmas is definitely on Lane's little mind! Every day he tells me how many days till Christmas!! Our countdown till break is definitely on!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Elf Antics: Week 2

We have had another fun week with our Elf!
Monday Lane found him hanging out in Levi's stocking!
Tuesday Bernard left Lane an EOTS coloring book...and had even began to color some!!
Wednesday Bernard enjoyed swinging from our ceiling fan!
Thursday morning Lane found him in our kitchen...Lane said that he was going to watch him eat breakfast!
Friday morning, we found him riding Rudolph!! Lane immediately asked if that was his toy Rudolph! I said yes but that Rudolph was his favorite reindeer at the North Pole so he wanted to play with Lane's toy one!

Saturday morning we found Bernard in our Christmas tree!

And today we found him back in our candy!!
Silly Bernard!!