Thursday, December 13, 2012

SSA Christmas Program

Monday night Lane's school put on a little Christmas program. It was called Christmas at Bethlehem. They have been practicing since October I think and sang about eight songs!! It was a country theme and it was precious!
They ordered cute costumes for everyone! 
Lane's teacher, Mrs. Patty
This is Olivia. Levi and Olivia are in the same class and absolutely love each other! Their teacher says that they are always together during class, are sad when one is not's just precious! So when we sat right behind them and once they spotted each other, they immediately wanted to play!! Olivia's sister is in Lane's class! Levi calls her Lou Lou!

After the program, our class surprised Mrs. Patty with a new camera for Christmas! Her camera broke earlier this semester and she was devasted because she makes scrapbooks of the whole year for each kid and she had lost all her pcitures up to that point and she didn't know what she was going to do! So our class came together, raised an awesome amount of money, and got her a nice camera! Love our parents!

Lane and some of his besties....
Lane and Faith

Lane and Claire (Olivia's sisiter)

Lane and Ezno...who immediately struck Spiderman poses! Oh boys!!
And a sweet family picture!
So proud of my little singer!!

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