Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fellowship Friends Thanksgiving

Well folks we are back from Disney! It was a wonderful trip and we all had so much fun! The boys did great and absolutely loved it! I took well over 600 pictures, so needless to say my Disney posts are not ready, no where near ready, ha! But they will be coming, trust me!
Before the craziness of Christmas fun hits, I need to make sure I post a few things that we did right before our trip!
The week before Thanksgiving break Levi's preschool had their feast at school and invited all the parents up. Well Lane got sick Tuesday night (bad sick) and missed school Wednesday. So Paul and I tagged teamed it, he went to Levi's feast while I stayed home with Lane man.  Paul was on strict pictures taking orders from me, and while he did good he failed to take one of him and Levi! Oh well!

Levi was thankful for eating!

They did a little performance before lunch. Paul said Levi just stood there!

So thankful for this little turkey!

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

What's in Your Bag Link Up!

It's Thursday people!! Today we are going to have a little fun and what's more fun than peeking inside other peoples bags!! So I am linking up with Chelsea at The Perfect Catch and Ashley at Newlyweds & Nesting to reveal "What's in my bag"!

First I have to admit that I am a "bag girl". Some people buy shoes, some people buy clothes, me...I'd rather buy a purse/bag over anything! And I like big purses, can't be anything to small! 
Also, with my boys at 5 and 2 and a half, I am at the point in life where I usually am diaper bag free...I'll say it again....diaper bag free!! You really don't know how amazing that feels, almost enough to make me not want baby #3, ha!! Unless we are going somewhere that I know I'll need extra things for Levi, I just toss it in my purse!! It's awesome!
So what's inside my bag?? Well, take a look....

First my bag..the Michael Kors tote...LOVE IT...can't say it enough!!

1. Erin Condren Planner...with me at all times!
2. I usually always have a book with me....again it's why I like big bags!
3. Random cute Fossil bag....will take a closer look below!
4. Diapers and wipes....I just toss them in! Not seen is snacks. I always grab a few snacks whenever we go out.
5. My Coach wallet...gotta have that!
6. Keys
7. Phone

Now for a peek inside the small bag...

Basically it has a ton of little things....
lip gloss
chap stick
and a random usb! Not sure why that's in there!

So that's what goes with me everywhere! Play along and link up! Can't wait to "peek" inside yours!!

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hall of Fame

This past Friday was a day I will never forget! It was the day that Lane would be receiving a surprise award. Earlier in the week his teacher informed us that she had chosen Lane to be the first recipient of the Hall of Fame Award. She explained to me that it went to someone that was a great example to his classmates and always tried his best. She told us that he was an "amazing" young boy! It was such a sweet moment!
It was a surprise award and he had NO idea he was getting it! So on Friday we dropped him off as usual, then went to the front, signed in, and made our way to the back of the gym/cafeteria, where the other parents where, trying to stay where he couldn't see us!
After their usual assembly festivities  they announced it was Hall of Fame time, and all the Kinder teachers made their way to the front! Each teacher had chosen a student!

Finally it was Ms. Macias' turn, and Paul and I quickly got our phones and cameras ready!! She began reading what she wrote about Lane, and my eyes definitely filled with tears as talked about him! 

This is what she said about Lane....

It is my absolute joy to nominate this young Ranger to the Hall of Fame. 
He is a leader by example every day and the 
kindest friend to everyone he talks to.  
Just his smile and positive attitude lights up my day. 
His unique leadership style, creativity 
and academic achievements throughout the year have been impressive.
 He keeps me on my toes! 
This young man is always willing to help me out with no hesitation. 
However, the most impressive thing of all is his humble spirit that is seen on 
a daily basis's no matter how much he achieves. 
 It is because of these things that I am extremely privileged to welcome Lane Furr to the Hall of Fame!

He got up and went to hug his teacher! They called us up to be with him and of course take pictures! I know that he was so surprised and excited!

After the assembly, before we left, we all hugged him and told him how incredibly proud we were of him and how much he loved him!

What a precious moment it was! It's a wonderful thing seeing your child recognized by others! He is our precious little man and we are so thankful for him, for his awesome school, and for his sweet teacher! We can't wait to watch him continue to grow and learn!
We are SO proud of you Lane!!!
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DIY Disney: Countdown

Last Friday I finally got our Disney countdown up for the boys! Lane had been casually asking me if we are going to "have one of those countdown thingys for Disney"! I had already knew I was going to do some sort of countdown, just not sure what.
I didn't want to do anything crazy, so I just printed out some mickey ears on cardstock, wrote out all the days, typed up some words, grabbed a mickey clip art, and there you go! Instead of tape, I remembered my Mickey washi tape that I had picked up a while back and knew that would be the perfect finishing touch~!

As of today we are 10 days away! 
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Monday, November 11, 2013

Wrapping Things Up

Our soccer season ended on Saturday. We lost but they played hard! They had a great little season, with only two losses! We had a fun season with the Lightning!

Later that afternoon, we had our end of the season t-ball party at a laser tag place! Lane has never played laser tag and he had a blast! All the boys and dads played and had so much fun!

As with soccer, we had a great season on this team! Can't wait for next season!

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Race Weekend

Other than holidays or birthdays, there are two weekends a year that Lane looks forward to...and those are when Nascar comes to town! This weekend was full on racing!
Friday night started off with the truck series race. We had lots of extra tickets, so we invited our good friends, the Colletts, to join us!! It was also Levi's first race of any kind!! He LOVED it and did so good. He just sat and watched! He kept his headphones on the whole time and didn't complain once! He even fell asleep with about 20 laps left! How that happens I don't know! It was a perfect race for him because it was a quick race and there wasn't a whole lot of people there!

Then on Saturday was the Sprint Cup race. Paul and Lane went and Lane had a blast! 

Lane sporting his Tony Stewart jacket!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!
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Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

What a fun day we had yesterday! My boys were SO excited for Halloween this year! Levi was totally into it and loved trick-or-treating! Here are my two Avengers!!

Let's back up and see how we spent our whole day! I threw together a little "Boo Breakfast" for the boys! Nothing fancy, mainly stuff I already had! I love making everything a little celebration, and the boys love having a fun, different breakfast!

On the menu was pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and ghost bananas!

We spent most of the day at TMS for Lane's field trip, which will be a whole separate post! When Lane got home from school I had a fun little Halloween treat waiting for them!

From 3-5 was the longest two hours, waiting to put costumes on! Finally the time arrived, we got dressed and went to a neighbors for a pre trick-or-treating dinner! Super fun!

Finally it was time to go, we did some group shots are our Carnaby Ct. Crime Fighters!

My precious Thor

The Gang

Levi did great the whole night! He followed the big kids, held his bag the whole night, and walked the whole night!!

The babies

The dads!

Family shot!

I love that our local PD is out and about!

After we had had loads of fun and got more than enough candy, we made it home and the boys immediately emptied their bags!

Candy...what it's all about folks!

I loved seeing everyone's kiddos on FB and Instagram last night! I hope everyone had a fun night!! Now, bring on Disney and Christmas!!
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