Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hall of Fame

This past Friday was a day I will never forget! It was the day that Lane would be receiving a surprise award. Earlier in the week his teacher informed us that she had chosen Lane to be the first recipient of the Hall of Fame Award. She explained to me that it went to someone that was a great example to his classmates and always tried his best. She told us that he was an "amazing" young boy! It was such a sweet moment!
It was a surprise award and he had NO idea he was getting it! So on Friday we dropped him off as usual, then went to the front, signed in, and made our way to the back of the gym/cafeteria, where the other parents where, trying to stay where he couldn't see us!
After their usual assembly festivities  they announced it was Hall of Fame time, and all the Kinder teachers made their way to the front! Each teacher had chosen a student!

Finally it was Ms. Macias' turn, and Paul and I quickly got our phones and cameras ready!! She began reading what she wrote about Lane, and my eyes definitely filled with tears as talked about him! 

This is what she said about Lane....

It is my absolute joy to nominate this young Ranger to the Hall of Fame. 
He is a leader by example every day and the 
kindest friend to everyone he talks to.  
Just his smile and positive attitude lights up my day. 
His unique leadership style, creativity 
and academic achievements throughout the year have been impressive.
 He keeps me on my toes! 
This young man is always willing to help me out with no hesitation. 
However, the most impressive thing of all is his humble spirit that is seen on 
a daily basis's no matter how much he achieves. 
 It is because of these things that I am extremely privileged to welcome Lane Furr to the Hall of Fame!

He got up and went to hug his teacher! They called us up to be with him and of course take pictures! I know that he was so surprised and excited!

After the assembly, before we left, we all hugged him and told him how incredibly proud we were of him and how much he loved him!

What a precious moment it was! It's a wonderful thing seeing your child recognized by others! He is our precious little man and we are so thankful for him, for his awesome school, and for his sweet teacher! We can't wait to watch him continue to grow and learn!
We are SO proud of you Lane!!!
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Rachel and Matt said...

Aww this made me tear up not evening know your little guy! How proud you must have been.