Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we pretty much relaxed all day at the house. After dinner that evening we had lots to do before bedtime! It started off by making some reindeer food to sprinkle in the yard! A very simple recipe of oats and sprinkles! Lane loved this since he was very aware of Rudolph this year!

 Brody boy made some too! He was more interested in dumping it out!

 Here was our finished food! I found these cute little tags the night before!

Then it was onto making sugar cookies! Lane was very helpful and generously poured on the sprinkles!

After a couple of batches, it was time to get ready for bed. First though we had to go sprinkle our reindeer food on the lawn...

And then we had to set out cookies and milk for Santa's arrival!
Here is my sweet, excited boy!

 And the boys in their matching pj's! Couldn't get one of them both looking at me!

And after reading Twas the Night Before Christmas to Lane, we tucked him into bed he went right to sleep!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Catching Up....Gaylord Fun

With Christmas over, we are using this week to unwind! And I am bound and determined to get all posts Christmas up and ready to be put into the 2010 blog book. And then to start working on getting the 2010 book made...and that just gives me a headache thinking about it!
So to start....we made our annual trip to the Gaylord for all their Christmas festivities on the 23rd! We love going to that place during this time of year, it is so beautiful and definitely gets you into the holiday mood! It was insanely crowded this particular night so I didn't get to capture too many pics! We started off by waiting in line for Santa. When it was our turn, Lane was completely different from last year. He walked on up, sat in his lap and told him he wanted a black train! By the time we were done with Santa, we walked over to the Ice and they were sold out. Bummer. However, this year they added a new attraction, Snow!!

They have several big hills and also a bunny hill. My cousins were doing the big hill, so we thought why not, and let Lane do the bunny hill. I was fairly sure that he would do it...and I was right! He had no fear. He went down three times, with a grinning smile...and had a blast! I tried to take pics, but it was dark inside and he went so fast I couldn't catch good ones. So these are what I got!

 Here is the only one with me and my boy from the night, and yes they had trains there..and this cute "Mount Thomasmore" that Lane got a kick out of!

We had a great night at the Gaylord...and then had some very yummy food at Uncle Julios!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

From the Furr's!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas Eve

We have been busy making Christmas cookies, reindeer food, and writing a letter to Santa tonight! We can hardly wait for Christmas morning!!
Here is Lane with Santa at the Gaylord last night! More on that to come!
But for now, we hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas Eve!

The Polar Express

Ever since Thanksgiving Lane has had a new favorite movie, The Polar Express! No question because of the trains of course. We literally watch it at least once sometimes twice a day. So when I heard about the North Polar Express I knew that we had to do it. So this past Sunday with all the family in tow me made our way to Grapevine for what was sure to be an exciting experience for Lane!
Walking to the train station, the train was parked and Lane saw it!
 Before you board, you watch a 20 minute stage show. This was us waiting in line.

While we were waiting for the show to start, parents were sending their kids onto the stage for pics, well Lane turned to me and said "I go", so we let him!
After some singing and dancing, they invited all the kids on stage for a sing-a-long! Again Lane showed no hesitation and went right on up with Haley! He didn't sing at all, but sure did look cute!

The best part of the show was the end when they had a "Daddy Dance Off"! And wouldn't you know that out of a room full of daddy's, our daddy got picked!!! Yes, Paul had to get on stage in front of about 250 people and dance! I would have said no way, but Paul was a good sport and participated! It was hilarious!!!! There were three dads and they had to do some pretty funny dance moves! In the end the "hefty" dad won, but Paul definitely won in my book! These are just a couple of the pics, I don't want to embarrass daddy to much, ha!

After that we headed out to board the Polar Express. You walked out through a maze of Christmas trees and snow blowing...and Lane loved the snow!

 Notice the ticket...well Lane would not let go of the ticket. From the movie he knew you had to have one to board, so he held his tight!

Here he is boarding

Here is our gang...
Brittany, Cory, Brody, Haley, and Jared
 Nana and Angie

Me, Paul, Grammie, and Rachel (I look huge in this pic)
 Haley on her phone!

Then, just like in the movie, the conductor came by to "punch" our ticket! So cute and Lane proudly handed his ticket over!
During the ride, we sang Christmas carols, heard the Night Before Christmas, saw Santa, and even got a gift! But one thing Lane loved by far was actually being on the train and riding! About 90 percent of the time he was looking out the window!

And of course, still holding onto his ticket!

The ride ended with Santa! Brody loved Santa, just smiled at him!
And here was my shot of Lane with santa...not a very good one!!

We had a great time! Lane left saying he wanted to ride the Polar Express again! Such a fun Christmas activity and one we will for sure do again!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Making of a Gingerbread Train

One of the things I wanted to do with Lane this Christmas was to make a gingerbread house. Well my aunt happened to come across a gingerbread train and picked it up for us! So this past Sunday we had our first attempt at making one! (And yes, he is wearing the same grey hoodie as the day before! But he loves it and its our go to hoodie!!)
Daddy setting up

Lane was the candy keeper....he was all about the candy!

Getting started

Mommy trying it out

Once Paul and I assembled the train, it was Lane's turn to decorate it!

At one point we just put alot of white icing on the front and let Lane put down a ton of gumballs! Didn't really call for that, but oh well!

And now for our finished product....
Not bad for out first time!
We all had a fun time making it and Lane loved his "candy train"!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trains at Northpark

On Saturday we ventured over to Dallas to take Lane to see the Trains at Northpark mall. I knew that this was a must this year for obvious reasons! I must first mention the parking experience we had. We pulled into the mall at 2:14 and did not pull into a spot until 3:05! Yes, talk about ridiculous!! It was insane, Paul and I both were seriously about to lose it, but we knew we couldn't leave b/c our precious boy would have been heartbroken! So, once we parked we were off!

Upon entering they gave the kiddos these cute little conductor hats...

Then you step into a room full of trains. There was so much to look at!

We just let Lane lead the way. We probably went around the room at least ten times! It was so fun just watching Lane! He definitely was in heaven!

We had a great time and this will definitely be a new Christmas tradition for us!