Friday, December 24, 2010

The Polar Express

Ever since Thanksgiving Lane has had a new favorite movie, The Polar Express! No question because of the trains of course. We literally watch it at least once sometimes twice a day. So when I heard about the North Polar Express I knew that we had to do it. So this past Sunday with all the family in tow me made our way to Grapevine for what was sure to be an exciting experience for Lane!
Walking to the train station, the train was parked and Lane saw it!
 Before you board, you watch a 20 minute stage show. This was us waiting in line.

While we were waiting for the show to start, parents were sending their kids onto the stage for pics, well Lane turned to me and said "I go", so we let him!
After some singing and dancing, they invited all the kids on stage for a sing-a-long! Again Lane showed no hesitation and went right on up with Haley! He didn't sing at all, but sure did look cute!

The best part of the show was the end when they had a "Daddy Dance Off"! And wouldn't you know that out of a room full of daddy's, our daddy got picked!!! Yes, Paul had to get on stage in front of about 250 people and dance! I would have said no way, but Paul was a good sport and participated! It was hilarious!!!! There were three dads and they had to do some pretty funny dance moves! In the end the "hefty" dad won, but Paul definitely won in my book! These are just a couple of the pics, I don't want to embarrass daddy to much, ha!

After that we headed out to board the Polar Express. You walked out through a maze of Christmas trees and snow blowing...and Lane loved the snow!

 Notice the ticket...well Lane would not let go of the ticket. From the movie he knew you had to have one to board, so he held his tight!

Here he is boarding

Here is our gang...
Brittany, Cory, Brody, Haley, and Jared
 Nana and Angie

Me, Paul, Grammie, and Rachel (I look huge in this pic)
 Haley on her phone!

Then, just like in the movie, the conductor came by to "punch" our ticket! So cute and Lane proudly handed his ticket over!
During the ride, we sang Christmas carols, heard the Night Before Christmas, saw Santa, and even got a gift! But one thing Lane loved by far was actually being on the train and riding! About 90 percent of the time he was looking out the window!

And of course, still holding onto his ticket!

The ride ended with Santa! Brody loved Santa, just smiled at him!
And here was my shot of Lane with santa...not a very good one!!

We had a great time! Lane left saying he wanted to ride the Polar Express again! Such a fun Christmas activity and one we will for sure do again!!

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