Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Catching Up....Gaylord Fun

With Christmas over, we are using this week to unwind! And I am bound and determined to get all posts Christmas up and ready to be put into the 2010 blog book. And then to start working on getting the 2010 book made...and that just gives me a headache thinking about it!
So to start....we made our annual trip to the Gaylord for all their Christmas festivities on the 23rd! We love going to that place during this time of year, it is so beautiful and definitely gets you into the holiday mood! It was insanely crowded this particular night so I didn't get to capture too many pics! We started off by waiting in line for Santa. When it was our turn, Lane was completely different from last year. He walked on up, sat in his lap and told him he wanted a black train! By the time we were done with Santa, we walked over to the Ice and they were sold out. Bummer. However, this year they added a new attraction, Snow!!

They have several big hills and also a bunny hill. My cousins were doing the big hill, so we thought why not, and let Lane do the bunny hill. I was fairly sure that he would do it...and I was right! He had no fear. He went down three times, with a grinning smile...and had a blast! I tried to take pics, but it was dark inside and he went so fast I couldn't catch good ones. So these are what I got!

 Here is the only one with me and my boy from the night, and yes they had trains there..and this cute "Mount Thomasmore" that Lane got a kick out of!

We had a great night at the Gaylord...and then had some very yummy food at Uncle Julios!!!

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