Monday, July 30, 2012

Houston Wedding Getaway

This weekend Paul and I headed to Houston for his step brother's wedding! We decided to leave the boys here with my Aunt and Uncle and have a little alone time! It was a great two days!
Friday night we had rehearsal dinner at Carrabbas!

The and Paul, Holly and Charlie, and Andy and Priscilla

The groomsmen all received Kindle touches as their gifts!

With the Bride and Groom, Victoria and Slade

Saturday started off by getting to sleep in a little! After some room service, we headed to the pool for about an hour or so. Then, since we were staying very close to the Galleria, we headed over for some shopping and lunch! We had a great, relaxing day just the two of us!
That night it was time for the wedding! The wedding was beautiful and we had a very fun night!

This was the only pic I got of the happy couple!

Holly and I tore up the dance floor, ha!

Before heading home on Sunday, we met up with one of my besties, Arlette, for breakfast! She just moved back to Houston and is preggers!!! I loved seeing her and catching up!!

This was our last major "thing" for the summer! It's time to settle down and enjoy the last couple of weeks until school starts!

Rangers Mini Camp Final Day

Last Thursday was the last day of Ranger Camp. They spent the first hour or so reviewing what they learned throughout the week.

Then they had a special game for parents! Lane loved going in the dug out!

Batter up!

They ended camp with a little award celebration! So cute!

One tired boy

My Sweet lil future Ranger Player!!


The boys had a blast all week! The coaches were all great and did so well with them! I'm sure we will be going back in the future!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rangers Mini Camp Day 3

Day three of camp focused on throwing. They were taught right form and then got to practice! In the first drills they were aiming at a ball on a tee.

They also got to go back into the Ballpark to the Rangers' batting cages!

Love my boy!

These next couple of pics were from the Camp staff. Parents are not allowed to go into the Ballpark with them, so it was neat to get some shots of them inside!

After camp we hung around in Arlington and went to Stefanie's house to have a little playdate! The water cooled them right off.

Levi and his own little pool!

Tomorrow is our last day of camp! Lane has had a blast going and I'm sure will be sad to not wake up each morning and play a little baseball!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rangers Mini Camp Day 2 & the Zoo

Today was day 2 of camp! They focused on fielding!! Grounders and pop-ups!

After a little on field coaching and instruction, it was time to put it into action! Up first was taking ground balls! This was pretty cute to watch! This was Lane's first real time taking grounders!

After several rounds the boys helped out the coaches a bit!

Next up was taking pop ups! Stefanie, Paul, and I just had to laugh at the thought of our boys trying to catch pop-ups! They tried though!!

Game Time!! The last hour they played a game! It was precious!!! Each player batted around and then switched! Here is a glimpse of Lane's new bag!

I love love love this sweet picture of my big boy carrying his baseball bag! He looks so big here and is having the time of his life!!

Another of my favorite pics! All their sweet little bats...ready to go!

Lane batted second!

He hit it on the first pitch!!

Lane played first when they were fielding! We need to work a little on what to do when the ball is hit to you...he always tried to field it instead of going to first, ha!

Batting again

This is his group with his coach! Fun times!
(This pic was taken from the Youth Ballpark FB page)

Paul took a couple of days off this week to be able to go to Lane's camp, so we also decided to take advantage and have some family fun! After camp we grabbed lunch, then headed over to the zoo! It was hot, however there was no one there!! It was practically empty and we loved it!

There was a baby monkey that the boys played with! Levi kept calling every animal "dog dog"!!

Feeding the birds

Paul tried to let Levi hold the stick, but he immediately tried to eat it!

The huge alligator was swimming right by the glass, so I got some good shots of him!

Lane was all about the snakes today!

We had a fun day at the zoo! I love being with my three boys! Day three coming up!