Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bye Bye Curls

Levi's hair had gotten out of control here recently! The back of it is so curly and poofy! So yesterday we broke down and got his very first hair cut!
His sweet curls one last time!

Getting ready!

Here we go...

the first cut!

And there you have it...a brand new Levi...the baby look is definitely gone now ;( He did awesome...just sat there with his sucker the whole time!

And just to remember Lane's first hair cut...and a funny story...scroll down!!

So we get home from the hair cut...we are playing and taking some pictures...and Paul says "Hey get out the blog book and let's look at Lane's first hair cut" I went and got it...found the page...and then about died....
Notice anything familiar?!?!?! Levi wore the exact same outfit that Lane wore on his first cut!! Paul and I couldn't believe it! Paul dressed him that morning! What are the odds!!??! We had a good laugh over it!!

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