Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Ramblings

This weekend I headed down to San Marcos for my very dear friend, Arlette's bridal shower! Arlette and I met in education classes at SFA, became great friends and roomed together through our last years of college! Since then she has met a wonderful guy and they are getting married in May!! Two weeks after my due date to be exact...and I'm in the wedding, so things should be fairly entertaining come time to wear the dress! It's too early to stress about it now, but I'm sure it will happen, HA! It was great getting to see her and celebrate this time!!
Paul and Lane spent the day in Waco while I went to the shower. When I got home, Paul had a little surprise waiting for me....

My very own Kindle!!! I was super excited! I had been talking about getting one, but for my birthday which is in June, not now!! But Paul being Paul...went ahead and got it for me...just in time for our trip! Such a sweetheart! Thanks babe!
Another thing I want to mention (mainly for recording purposes in our blog book) is Lane's progress at potty training! This past Monday, the 14th,  we sent Lane to school in underwear for the first time. He had no tee-tee accidents the WHOLE WEEK!!! And only had one #2 accident. I couldn't believe how good he did for his first "real" week and giving this a go! Other than at night, he tells us pretty much everytime he has to go! So that brings us to today,...he went #2 in the potty for the first time! He has been kinda scared to do it, but he did and I couldn't believe it. So hopefully he will feel comfortable at going and do it more often!
Lastly, awhile back I saw some super cute closet dividers on Etsy that I wanted to get for Levi's closet, however, I've been feeling super crafty here recently so I thought that I would give them a try! I came across some extra border from the nursery and thought that would be perfect to use, so not only was this craft super cheap, but very easy and I think they turned out pretty cute!

We have tomorrow off and I am so glad. We still have a alot to get done before we leave on Wednesday! Oh and my favorite reality show, Amazing Race, starts tonight so I am happy about that! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Making Me Smile

We all know the saying..."It's the little things in life that make you happy"!
I came home to find this today!! I had to share because it's  just so darn cute and I love it even more because it's the first thing I've gotten with his name on it and I love love seeing his name!

Monday, February 14, 2011

All You Need Is Love

Happy Valentine's Day...
from my smallest Valentine!!

Lane celebrated V-day at school with a party! He came home with lots of cards and candy!
We gave him his gift from us and let him enjoy some of the goods!

And Daddy was very nice to mommy...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Big 29!

Today is Paul's 29th Birthday! It's weird to think that I have been with him on every birthday of his in his twenties! We had a pretty low key day. Thanks to the weather my birthday surprise for him was canceled...but he will be doing it in March! For some unknown reason, our son woke up at six something ready to go. So we decided to take daddy to IHOP for a yummy breakfast. We spent the rest of the day just hanging out and running some errands.
Paul chose Outback for his birthday dinner! Before we went we gave daddy our presents and after we did a little birthday singing with some ice cream cake! Here are some pics I managed to snap of the birthday boy and my little man.

Excuse the no pants here on Lane...we had a potty run right before!

Giving daddy birthday hugs!

Love this two favorite boys!

Happy Birthday Paul!! You are the best husband and daddy we could ever ask for! I couldn't do this without you, nor would I want to! I love you! Enjoy your last year in the "twenties"!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bahama Bound

Paul and I will be on a plane...on our way to the Bahamas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes Paul did it again, and yes I am a super proud wife! He made his company's Founder's Club Trip for the second year in a row! He worked his bootie off and had this trip wrapped up in October!  Way to go babe!
Last year was Puerto Rico, and this year the company is headed to the beautiful Bahamas! I am very very excited! With that being said I NEVER EVER imagined that I would ever go to the Bahamas, or any beach resort, being 7 months pregnant!!! Yes, I'll be 30 weeks preggo when we go...YiKEs!!!!
It's hard enough to bathing suit shop but the idea of having to wear one now is just really ScArY!!!!! It will definitly be an adventure, Ha!!!!
So where will we be staying......
Yep, the AtLanTiS ReSoRt!!!!!
Pretty incredible huh! I've heard this place is amazing!!!
Besides the fact that I won't be able to drink all those yummy beachy cocktails.....I am super bummed because this place has many many cool things to do that I won't be able to partake in...super sad!
But hey, I'm going to be in the's going to be sunny, warm, beautiful, and I am going to ReLaX.....soak up the BooKs...EaT all the yummy food I'm sure they'll have....and maybe even have a few virgin DrInKs!!! I may be tired at the end of the days but it'll be fun!
Regardless of  how much I can or can't do....Paul and I are gonna use this time together as our little "babymoon"...a chance to just spend lots of time together before our family expands and our time gets taken up by our TwO little boys!!!
So hurry up two weeks...I'm ready to get out of this crazy, record breaking cold that we're in!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

28 Week Bumpdates

I'm 28 Weeks today!!
I am definitely starting to feel more pregnant these days. Moving around is a chore and I am having some constant pain that will not go away. I had sciatic nerve pain towards the very end of my pregnancy with Lane. It would shoot down the inside of my thighs and would literally stop me in my tracks.... very painful stuff. This time however, it's pain thats through my tailbone and down and it's pretty constant which is making walking pretty painful! But I put a smile on and endure because well theres just not much else I can do.  I wish Levi would move or something!
We have made a little progress on his room. Crib is put together and the room is arranged. Paul brought down all the baby tubs from the attic...there were six of them....and at some point I'll begin to sort through them and begin washing blankes, onesies, and other little things! So much to do.
Lane talks about Levi usually on a daily basis now! It's so cute...and he still calls him "Webi". He has started to say things like "Webi has to share his baby toys with me"! It's pretty hilarious, not Lane has to share but Levi....oh what fun awaits!
One big thing on my to do list is to get a baby book in the next week or so. I always hear the 2nd one gets left behind with these things, and I am vowing not to let that happen! So I want to start working on it that way I'm not playing catch up once he arrives!
This ice storm forced me to reschedule my appointment, so I go Monday to check everything out, hear Levi, and have the dreaded glucose test! I failed my first one with Lane so I am hoping not to repeat! So again time is just flying by....12 weeks or less!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 28 Weeks!
Size of baby: Baby F is the size of an Eggplant!
Total Weight Gain: Have a doc appointment I'll find out then... 
Maternity Clothes: Mostly pants, and some work shirts, but still wearing regular shirts as well.
Gender: It's a Boy!! Levi Austin!
Movement: This little one moves all the time
Sleep: Hard to find a comfortable position and hard to roll from one side to the other!
What I miss: Sleeping on my tummy, bending over with ease!
Cravings: Here recently waffles!
Symptoms: Some contractions, sciatic nerve pain
Best Moment this month: Beginning to work on Levi's nursery...even though there is still alot to do!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Storm '11 and some potty news!

Well this sure has been a crazy couple of days! We are currently on the tail end of Ice Storm 2011! Monday night the ice came and we have been home bound since! We've had four days off of school, which I have to say is pretty nice. Daddy had to work Wednesday and Thursday, but was home today! Thank goodness he was here to help entertain little's hard work being seven months preggo chasing him around!
Anyway today we woke up to a fresh new batch of snow....fluffy white snow to be exact!

After a batch of waffles and some morning playing, we decided we should finally go out and take advantage of the snow! All week it was mainly ice. So we all got bundled up and headed outdoors...

Daddy and Lane were trying to get me! Lane thought this hilarious!

He loved making snow balls

Daddy didn't really throw this at Lane..ha!

Making a snow angel...and yes those are his baseball batting gloves...HA! We couldn't find his gloves! But hey..they worked!

Lane had a blast...he kept saying it was so much fun!
AfAfter a bath to warm him up, we got out his new Buzz tent from Christmas for the first time! He watched some cartoons in it and then was over it...onto the next thing.

 This morning before we went outside, Paul put underwear on Lane and decided we might as well try again. As of right now, 4:59, he has been in the same underwear since this morning and has gone three times!!! YEA! Maybe just maybe this will work this time!
In the meantime he has been running around like a mad man!

And lastly...I know Lane will kill me one day for posting these but I couldn't resist! They are too funny and too sweet not to! So for memories sake....
Lane was trying to go "#2" and it just wasn't working out for he wanted daddy to read him some of his potty books!

Love it, Love it! We cannot believe he has gone three times! We are so proud of him...(please let this be it...please let this be it!!)
Hopefully we can get out tomorrow! I have a ton of things I want to do. Hope everyone has had a great little mini winter break!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowed In

It's February 1st and we were snowed in today! And we will be tomorrow as well! I think I love snow days more as a teacher than I did as as student!
We woke this morning to lots of snow! Lane was excited when he woke up and we told him!

 Daddy was off also, so we all just stayed in our jammies and enjoyed being home! Lane I think played with every single toy and his room could show for it!

He also enjoyed an extra long bath today...

We were somewhat productive and got lots of laundry done. Lane wanted to helped daddy sort the laundry.
(It was Paul's idea to do this on the kitchen floor...not sure why...I usually do it in our closet)

We also had fun playing Memory!
Santa brought this game and he played for the first time Saturday night with Nana and Aunt Terry. And sure enough he asked to play today, and I was very impressed with how he did!

This morning Paul and I also tackled the nursery. It has up to today been a mess! It's kinda where we "dump" things and Lane keeps some of his toys in there. This is what it looked like this morning. So we got everything cleared out that was on the floor, Paul put together the crib, and we rearranged the room! It looks much better and starting to look like a nursery. It is still bare and now I can focus on decorating it! So pics of the completed nursery will come later! 

I wish we could have got out to play in the snow but it was just so darn cold!! And not to mention the wind, it would've knocked Lane over! Oh well, it was still pretty to look at!
Now what to do on snow day # 2 tomorrow?!