Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Storm '11 and some potty news!

Well this sure has been a crazy couple of days! We are currently on the tail end of Ice Storm 2011! Monday night the ice came and we have been home bound since! We've had four days off of school, which I have to say is pretty nice. Daddy had to work Wednesday and Thursday, but was home today! Thank goodness he was here to help entertain little's hard work being seven months preggo chasing him around!
Anyway today we woke up to a fresh new batch of snow....fluffy white snow to be exact!

After a batch of waffles and some morning playing, we decided we should finally go out and take advantage of the snow! All week it was mainly ice. So we all got bundled up and headed outdoors...

Daddy and Lane were trying to get me! Lane thought this hilarious!

He loved making snow balls

Daddy didn't really throw this at Lane..ha!

Making a snow angel...and yes those are his baseball batting gloves...HA! We couldn't find his gloves! But hey..they worked!

Lane had a blast...he kept saying it was so much fun!
AfAfter a bath to warm him up, we got out his new Buzz tent from Christmas for the first time! He watched some cartoons in it and then was over it...onto the next thing.

 This morning before we went outside, Paul put underwear on Lane and decided we might as well try again. As of right now, 4:59, he has been in the same underwear since this morning and has gone three times!!! YEA! Maybe just maybe this will work this time!
In the meantime he has been running around like a mad man!

And lastly...I know Lane will kill me one day for posting these but I couldn't resist! They are too funny and too sweet not to! So for memories sake....
Lane was trying to go "#2" and it just wasn't working out for he wanted daddy to read him some of his potty books!

Love it, Love it! We cannot believe he has gone three times! We are so proud of him...(please let this be it...please let this be it!!)
Hopefully we can get out tomorrow! I have a ton of things I want to do. Hope everyone has had a great little mini winter break!!


stephanie said...

Don't worry about Lane one day hating the potty picture. My mom has one of me just like that except it's of me after I fell asleep on the toilet. Everyone needs a photo like that (:

Kyle and Marci said...

I love the potty pics. It's so nice once they're potty trained...not that Karlie is 100% trained, but she's very close. Hope for you sake that he's finally gotten it. Maybe you'll have a small break from the diapers before Levi's arrival :)

Dawn said...

Good luck with potty training! I know Lane will do just fine.