Friday, August 30, 2013

{Five on Friday}

Hello Friends!!
We are so glad it's FRIDAY!!! This has been a super busy week as we have started back to school, had practice three nights this week, adjusting to earlier bed times,so we are so ready for a nice little three day weekend!
I've missed the last two link up's but I'm happy to be back today! So here's what I'm loving on this Friday....

I'm loving the fact that football season has arrived!!! And so excited that we are going to Austin this Saturday for the UT home opener!!! Hook 'Em!!!!

As I sat in the pick up line at school this week, I realized I had a pretty good chunk of time on my I thought it was the perfect time to have a good book handy!! I mean that's at least twenty good reading minutes a day people!! So I ran and got a book that just came out...She is the author of What Alice Forgot....a really good book if you haven't read it!!!! Anyway I'm sure this one will be just as good!

Even though it's not even September, or Fall for that matter, I'm totally one that associates the seasons with the school year! So back to school totally equals Fall to me, so I am definitely about to start decorating around here!!! I'm loving the burlap runner and ribbon from this pin as inspiration for my entry way table!!

And also this pin, from Darci's blog, as more inspiration! I am loving the basket of pumpkins!!
I somehow stumbled across this cute store and I am in love with these two iPhone cases...may have to get one soon!
 And lastly, I am loving these two precious boys more than ever!! Lane for completing his first week in Kindergarten! He has been so brave and eager and happy about school. Levi for being the cutie (and stinker) that he is! I am loving being with him every day!! So proud to call these two mine!!!
Hope everyone has a GREAT holiday weekend!!! We are headed to Waco tonight for my cousins first football game, (Go Midway!), and Saturday we are headed to Austin!!! Can't wait!!.
Happy Weekend!!!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of Kinder

The first day of school finally arrived! Lane was pretty easy to get up, and he came downstairs to a special little treat! Our first annual "Back to School Breakfast"!! I scoured Pinterest and found some really cute ideas...and besides the school trays, I bought nothing for it!!! Even though Levi's first day isn't until next week, he got to participate as well!! I love this idea and will definitely be making this a new back to school tradition!!

After muffins were ate, boys were dressed, teeth were brushed, and lunchbox was filled, it was time for the photo shoot!

My new favorite picture of these two!

Then we were off!! Lane jumped out and looked like such a big boy walking up!

We met up with our neighbors...these two were so excited!!

Walking in with daddy!

Mrs. Macias helped him put his backpack in his locker!

He found his desk and he was set!

One last family shot and then we headed tears from anyone!!

I little picture from the hallway!

I was surprised at how quickly the afternoon went! Before I knew it, it was time to go sit in the pick up line!! Seeing him walk out!! When he got in, he was all smiles, and told me all about his day!!

For being such a brave boy and having a blast on his first day of Kinder, we went for ice cream at Hey Sugar! A perfect end to the day for Lane!

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Monday, August 26, 2013

'Twas the Night Before Kindergarten...

I can't believe our last day of summer has come and gone! We have done so much to prepare: bought school supplies, ordered lunch box, cut hair, bought new cloths, meet the teacher, and we have been counting down the days until his first day!
With school and sports starting tomorrow, we are about to be busy, busy, busy! I somehow found myself with everything for tomorrow done, so I wanted Lane to enjoy his last day of summer....errand free, ha!! So we spent the better part of the day doing two of his favorite things: Lunch at Chick-fil-A and then swimming! 
After daddy got home, it was dinner, play, then bath time!! The boys were being silly during baths!

One last thing we did was read this sweet little book together and talked about his big day tomorrow!! We are so excited for him, his school, and his teacher! I know he is going to have a great year and learn so much!!

Starting a new adventure tomorrow!!
Brother cuddles before bed!!

And here is a little sneak peak at a special little breakfast in the morning....
Happy Back to School Eve!!

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Meet the Teacher

We are on the brink of starting Kindergarten...buying supplies, ordering lunch boxes, buying clothes, and tonight, our last thing to do, Meeting the Teacher! Lane got Mrs. Macias, a third year, young, sweet teacher!
I wanted to take a simple little gift to her, and found this idea on Pinterest! I mean, who wouldn't love a cute mason jar!?

Sitting at his desk! Look at his precious smile!!
Our neighbor and friend, Braedon, is also in his class!! And his seat is right behind Lane's!
Mrs. Macias
She gave each kid this little treat when leaving!
Everything is set and we are definitely ready for Tuesday!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Getting Organized: What's for Lunch?

I have to say...I have been completely spoiled by SSA! Not once, except with baby food, have I had to send a packed lunch to school for the boys!! So now, here I am realizing that in a short week I will be having to pack a lunch! Yikes!!
The lunch box is bought and ready! And to keep me from running around in the morning trying to think what to send, and to keep me from sending the same meal three days in a row, I came up with a little lunchbox printable!! 
I'm going to try and roughly plan out Lane's lunches for the week on Sundays. Again, hopefully this will help me from overloading him on Lunchables, ha! I could only fit three weeks worth on one page, but that's okay! And I even made it in his school colors!

Let me know if you want one, I'd be happy to send one your way!
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