Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of Kinder

The first day of school finally arrived! Lane was pretty easy to get up, and he came downstairs to a special little treat! Our first annual "Back to School Breakfast"!! I scoured Pinterest and found some really cute ideas...and besides the school trays, I bought nothing for it!!! Even though Levi's first day isn't until next week, he got to participate as well!! I love this idea and will definitely be making this a new back to school tradition!!

After muffins were ate, boys were dressed, teeth were brushed, and lunchbox was filled, it was time for the photo shoot!

My new favorite picture of these two!

Then we were off!! Lane jumped out and looked like such a big boy walking up!

We met up with our neighbors...these two were so excited!!

Walking in with daddy!

Mrs. Macias helped him put his backpack in his locker!

He found his desk and he was set!

One last family shot and then we headed tears from anyone!!

I little picture from the hallway!

I was surprised at how quickly the afternoon went! Before I knew it, it was time to go sit in the pick up line!! Seeing him walk out!! When he got in, he was all smiles, and told me all about his day!!

For being such a brave boy and having a blast on his first day of Kinder, we went for ice cream at Hey Sugar! A perfect end to the day for Lane!

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