Saturday, March 31, 2012

Levi Austin: 11 Months

On Thursday you turned 11 months old!
One more short month until you turn one! I can't believe it!
This was quite a month for you...let's see...

You started to walk. You are not walking full time but you are taking several steps in a row!
You cut another tooth, which brings your tooth count to 5!!

You are pretty much OVER your bottle and your baby food! You are taking, on average, about two full bottles a just won't drink them anymore! And you are loving table food! Whenever anyone around you is eating, you think you have to have a bit, ha!
Whenever we are at a resturant, you scream till we feed you!

Just this week we turned you around in your seat. We simply could not buckle your infant carrier were busting out of it!

You still love your baths, being outside, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and your paci!
You learned how to clap, and are too cute when you do it!

You truly are the happiest baby (unless you have a severe ear infection, then game over, ha!) You are always smiling!

Lane was wanting some picture love too!!
We are beyond blessed by your sweet face!!  Love you little man!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A SUPER Birthday Celebration

This year we celebrated Lane's birthday party with a Superhero theme! We had it at a bounce house place in Southlake and it turned out awesome!! With sixteen kiddos there to celebrate with him, Lane had a blast! From the minute we turned them loose they didn't slow down!!
My sister and I worked all week last week in preparation for the party! Lot's of ideas came from none other than Pinterest...including a "city scape" background! I loved how it turned out and I think it added alot to the table!!

The awesome cake by my aunt!

I printed off comics for centerpieces!

This picture captures how Lane was the whole party!!

I tried my best to get a picture of all his is Lincoln and Kelsey Ann...two of his school buddies!!



Grayson and buds bud

Little Levi!!

Lily and friends

These two are hilarious together!

The whole group...trying to get a pic!

I had all sorts of superhero masks on sticks to use as props! The kids loved them! Lane of course choose Batman!

After jumping their little hearts out, we headed to the party room for cake and presents!

In the big birthday chair

 Lane and Titus

Lane had a SUPER party!! Thanks for everyone who came out to help celebrate our sweet boy!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

4 Years Old: A Birthday Letter from Mommy

Sweet Lane,

Happy Birthday!!
(We got a 4 and a hook 'em, ha!)
 Today you are turning four years old! Where did this year go??!!
 You have become much more aware of what birthdays are and have been so excited about turning four!! I think this past year has been my favorite...I wish I could keep you this age for awhile longer!

You are the funniest little guy I know!! You make me laugh all the time with the things you say!
You are so smart! You have done so well these past two and a half months in Pre-K! You can write your full name...know ALL your letters and sounds...and you even came home the other day and could name all the vowels! I just love watching you learn and see your progression!

I love that you are so passionate about the things you like. Sports and Nascar are two examples! You love, love, love each of them! I love to watch you play are a good little athlete and you are competitive!
You have been a big brother for about a whole year now, and you have done an excellent job! You love Levi and generally play with him well, ha!! You really don't like it when he tries to get your Nascar's though! I can't to watch you two over the years!!
You are such a joy to our lives little man! As my first born, you will always be my baby boy! I can't even imagine you turning 5, 10, and gasp...becoming a teenager!! But I know it's right around the corner!! Your daddy and I love you more than anything and we are so blessed that you are ours!!!
Happy 4th Birthday Lane!!!
Love, Mommy

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Facts

It's Friday, it's been a long week back from Spring Break, and I need another break, ha! I thought I would share some random stuff with ya'll today!
My FrIdAy FaCtS.....

1. I have a new favorite's called Paper'd...and it's awesome. It has the cutest backgrounds for your iphone! Check it out!

2. It just got a $25 gift card to Pottery Barn Kids using my Pampers Gifts to Grow points...score! There is a seriously cute backpack I need...okay maybe I just want...for Levi...for those quick trips when I don't necessarily need my big diaper bag.
Preschool Mackenzie Boys' Backpacks, Gray Shark
3. I have book club in one week and I haven't even bought the book...oops! Guess I need to get on that! Our book this month is...
The Paris Wife: A Novel

4. I'm loving my more plain ole manicures for me!
5. I have a list a mile long of DVR'd shows just waiting for me to watch.
6. My almost four year old, brutally honest child, just recently told me I looked like I had a baby in my belly!! Thanks just made this momma want to stop eating for a whole month!! (No lie...he actually told me that)
7. My sweet little baby just started walking this week...Tuesday to be exact. About a week and a half shy of being 11 months!! Sad day.

8. And lastly, on Sunday, my first born will turn four years old!!! Four years did that happen!!! I just want to bottle him up right now and keep him this age forever! OK maybe not forever, but for awhile!! There will be plenty more about this later, but I thought I'd leave you with a sneak peak of his birthday party invitation! His party is Sunday and it's gonna be fun!!

HaPpY FrIdAy!!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

New Posts!

Three new posts below!!

Dallas World Aquarium

On Wednesday we took the boys to the Dallas World Aquarium. I had never been there before so didn't really know what to expect! It was pretty neat...however, it was CROWDED!! And it is kinda small in some places and we were actually waiting in line to walk through some of the exhibits! It became quite comical at one point and we were over it pretty quickly!
My handsome little man!

The scenery outside was nice!

Lane is very into sharks right now, so the shark tunnel was the highlight of the day! We had to go back twice! While we were inside it Lane would not look at the camera for one second...he was way too busy watching the sharks!
example 1
example 2, ha!
Love the shark swimming by in the background!

Jared, Angie, and Levi

Looking at snakes

I love this pic...I snapped it right as Levi was trying to grab the huge leaves!

Grammie, me, the boys, and Brittany


Levi finally gave in right as we were leaving!
I think all the kids enjoyed it overall.....I'm not sure if it's a place that I would go again, but it was fun just being with family and laughing about it!