Monday, March 19, 2012

Dallas World Aquarium

On Wednesday we took the boys to the Dallas World Aquarium. I had never been there before so didn't really know what to expect! It was pretty neat...however, it was CROWDED!! And it is kinda small in some places and we were actually waiting in line to walk through some of the exhibits! It became quite comical at one point and we were over it pretty quickly!
My handsome little man!

The scenery outside was nice!

Lane is very into sharks right now, so the shark tunnel was the highlight of the day! We had to go back twice! While we were inside it Lane would not look at the camera for one second...he was way too busy watching the sharks!
example 1
example 2, ha!
Love the shark swimming by in the background!

Jared, Angie, and Levi

Looking at snakes

I love this pic...I snapped it right as Levi was trying to grab the huge leaves!

Grammie, me, the boys, and Brittany


Levi finally gave in right as we were leaving!
I think all the kids enjoyed it overall.....I'm not sure if it's a place that I would go again, but it was fun just being with family and laughing about it!

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