Monday, March 19, 2012

Park Fun

Man Spring Break went by fast!! We had a great week hanging out with family and doing all sorts of fun stuff!! I have many blog posts ready and coming your way! It ended with my cousin's wedding and that was so much fun, and a blog post all its' own!
I forget the day...but one day we went to the park! It was gorgeous early on last week and we had to take  our first trip of the season! We pulled up and it was PACKED!! Everyone was taking full advantage of the nice weather!
Levi enjoyed the swings!

Levi relaxing

We took the boys' bikes and let them ride...they went around so many times!

Then we heard the ice cream truck and Grammie got us all ice cream! Of course Lane choose Batman.

Yum Yum...and man those things melt fast!

Even Levi got some licks of ice cream....

....and boy did he like it!!!
It was a fun afternoon at the park!

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