Sunday, March 25, 2012

4 Years Old: A Birthday Letter from Mommy

Sweet Lane,

Happy Birthday!!
(We got a 4 and a hook 'em, ha!)
 Today you are turning four years old! Where did this year go??!!
 You have become much more aware of what birthdays are and have been so excited about turning four!! I think this past year has been my favorite...I wish I could keep you this age for awhile longer!

You are the funniest little guy I know!! You make me laugh all the time with the things you say!
You are so smart! You have done so well these past two and a half months in Pre-K! You can write your full name...know ALL your letters and sounds...and you even came home the other day and could name all the vowels! I just love watching you learn and see your progression!

I love that you are so passionate about the things you like. Sports and Nascar are two examples! You love, love, love each of them! I love to watch you play are a good little athlete and you are competitive!
You have been a big brother for about a whole year now, and you have done an excellent job! You love Levi and generally play with him well, ha!! You really don't like it when he tries to get your Nascar's though! I can't to watch you two over the years!!
You are such a joy to our lives little man! As my first born, you will always be my baby boy! I can't even imagine you turning 5, 10, and gasp...becoming a teenager!! But I know it's right around the corner!! Your daddy and I love you more than anything and we are so blessed that you are ours!!!
Happy 4th Birthday Lane!!!
Love, Mommy

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