Friday, March 9, 2012

While Mommy & Daddy are away....the boys will PLAY!

Lane and Levi had an awesome week in Waco! Lane didn't think twice that we weren't around, while Levi struggled a little in the beginning. But as you can see from the pics they were well taken care of and very spoiled!
All the fun included going to a bounce house, Chucky Cheese, the Zoo, Mickey D's to play, visited the park, and went to their first track watch Haley and Zack run! They even came home with some new toys!
We are beyond blessed to have family that is willing to take our boys and love on them while we are gone. Thank you so much to Angie, Mark, Nana and the kids for everything ya'll did...and thank you Terry for picking them up and keeping them all day Sunday until we got home!! Very much appreciated!
Now for the pics...these were the collages Haley sent to us every night while we were gone so I could see my sweet ones!

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