Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We're Off

Signing off for a couple of days! We are off to Puerto Rico! I can't wait to get out of this cold weather! As excited as we are, we are going to miss this little boy so much...

Be back soon with lots of pics!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Big Boy Bed

So, as some of you may know, our little man has some sleeping issues!! Let's just say he sleeps fine, all through the night, but the place of sleep has been quite the ordeal!! HA!! He usually slept about half the night in his crib then would wake up and would not go back to bed unless it was in our bed! And with two working parents we just let him...and honestly we love snuggling up with our little man! But we know we need to try and break this little habit, espically before baby number two comes....and no its not on its way! So after Christmas we ordered Lane a toddler bed, hoping that would do it!! And I must say the first week surprised both of us!! He slept in his room until 5:30, sometimes 6 which was awesome!! Every night he goes to sleep in his bed, but there are nights where he wants us again! But as long as those nights are few then I think we are on the right track! Taking his crib out added some much space, and it made me realize how many toys he has!! But we love is room and he loves to play in it! So here is Lane's big boy bed!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So anyone familiar with the Nick Jr. show Yo Gabba Gabba, definitely knows DJ Lance Rock! Well, when I got home today there was a package on the door and apparently someone has been doing some online shopping, and it wasn't me!!

Yes, my lovely husband ordered our Gabba obsessed son his very own DJ Lance hat! It sings some of his songs and comes with the glasses too! Paul took it out, put it on, and Lane immediately said "Gabba"!! It was hilarious when we put it on Lane! So here is DJ Lane!!!

And yes, mommy and daddy had to try it on as well, but we will keep those pics hidden away safely, ha! Thanks daddy for the fun hat!

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Birthday, Valentine's and Elmo!!

We had lots of things going on this weekend! It all started with a five day mini break due to the weather, which we have thoroughly enjoyed! Friday was Paul's birthday...the big 28!! I have officially known him 10 years!!! WOW! So Happy Birthday babe....Lane and I love you very very much!!! We all three spent the day snowed in, and ventured out Friday evening for a yummy birthday dinner at Uncle Julio's!!! And ended up at Academy getting daddy some presents!!
Then came Valentine's yesterday! We had a fun day planned! You know your life has completely changed when you spend Valentine's Day seeing Elmo!! Yep, after a pink pancake breakfast, we headed down to spend the day in Waco to see Elmo Live! I was so excited to take little man...he loves Elmo. I didn't know if he would like it or be scared. After we picked up Haley, we headed to the Lane a light toy...and then some cotton candy, his first time eating it and he like it! Then the show started and he was all eyes on Elmo! He kept pointing at the stage and saying was a pretty cute show and Lane did awesome! He just kinda rotated between laps and watched it. I was very proud of him! After the show, my aunt and uncle kept Lane so Paul and I could go have a Valentine's lunch! It was a fun day!
Here are the pink pancakes...a fun little find from World Market!

Lane and Haley

Here's his toy! He figured how to work it real quick and then didn't stop!
I like this cotton candy stuff!
Here's him pointing!

We had great seats....and the characters came into the audience several times...and here is Elmo up close and personal with Lane! I don't think he knew what to do!

The whole reason of taking see his priceless smile!

And of course we had to get an Elmo balloon....a TEN DOLLAR Elmo balloon! Oh yes people, we payed ten bucks for it! But look at him, so worth it!

When we got home last night I had flowers waiting for me! Thanks babe! Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! Great weekend, now it's back to work tomorrow!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Round 2!

Well today we woke up to snow and it has been snowing ever since! It looks like what we got for Christmas, maybe more this time! I can't believe all the snow that we have got this winter! Anyway, it was a lazy day home with Lane. Once Lane learned it snowed thats all he wanted to say today! And he would go look at the window and watch it and say "wow, snow"!! Paul got home around 2 this afternoon and then it was time to have some fun in the snow! So here is how we spent our day!
Lane wanted to help daddy clear the driveway! His snowball....which he loved throwing on the floor.

Look at how deep it is!

More playing

Wow, that's a big snowball daddy!

I needed a pic with my little man too!
After having fun outside, we came in and I made some sugar cookies....and of course, Lane went right for the icing first!
I also was a bit productive and got Lane's treat bags ready for his school party, which may or may not be tomorrow! I guess we will wait till the morning to find out! And yes, I love's the only time I can bring some pink to this house,ha!
Now, I'm off to make dinner. It's been a great snow day! Here's too one more tomorrow! (Even though the thought of making them both up later is no fun!)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Backpack Backpack

I got this cute backpack from Pottery Barn around Christmas to replace his diaper bag. So whenever we get ready to leave, we get his backpack and sometimes he likes to wear it out to the truck! He looks so grown up and it sure is a sneek peak of what a couple of years will be like when we wears one every day to school!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

24 Days!

In 24 days, Paul and I will be here....

Yep, in Puerto Rico!!! These are actual pics of our resort where we will be staying! It's gorgeous!! Why you may ask, are we going to Puerto Rico in the middle of winter...well because of my awesome husband!! Paul kicked butt this year and earned a spot in his company's Founders Club Trip! I am so proud of him!!! So we are off with all the "founders" of Apex, the top sales people, top recruiters (Paul) and all their spouses!!

We are both very excited for this little getaway! It will be the first time that both of us are away from Lane for this amount of time. I hope he will do well, and I know we will miss him like crazy, but I know he will be in good hands!

So, in 24 days
we will be doing alot of this...
with one of these....

and probably many of these!!
Let the countdown begin!!