Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Levi

Today my sweet second born turned THREE!! It is so crazy to think that Lane was this age when Levi was born...I feel like Lane was so much older, it must be me viewing Levi as the "baby" of the family still! He woke up to a little birthday celebration!!

Sweet boy!

Grammie sent a lot of baseball stuff for him, including a new bat and bag which he is pumped about! He said and I quote "Now I can play sports!"

After opening gifts we had donuts before Lane headed off to school! 

My two boys!

Levi and I spent the majority of the day at home playing with his new toys! Then he suddenly started running a low grade fever after nap, but nothing a dose of Motrin can't handle!
Paul had to go to a client event at the Ranger game tonight, so I couldn't not take Levi out to celebrate! So we went to see Rio 2 and then to McDonalds for dinner and play! Perfect night for the boys!

A Birthday Letter from Mommy....

I can't believe that you are three! It seems like you've been in our family forever. This year has been pretty eventful for said bye bye to your paci, you are completely potty trained, and you are now sleeping in Lane's room, majority of the night too! Huge huge milestones that make you not so baby like anymore!
You also switched schools this year. You love your new school and have learned alot! You can say your ABC's, you can recognize all the letters of your name, can spell your name, and count to ten in Spanish! 
I've loved getting to have you with me more now that I'm not working! You have become a mama's boy!
You like TV but it doesn't hold your attention as long as it does your brother. You love to do anything that Lane is doing, whether that's reading, playing the Wii, coloring! He does it, so do you!
Just recently you have become a picky dresser...we have daily dressing battles! When did you become so opinionated!?!? Your personality is so different than your brothers. You are very sassy, quick to argue your point, and have a come back for everything! You can make me laugh out loud and insanely frustrated all in the exact same moment!! Thank goodness you are so darn cute, ha! Oh and you talk all the time!!
Sports, like your big bro, is your passion. You play with Lane and daddy all the time. You cannot wait until it's your turn to play on a team!! I can't wait to watch you!
I am so blessed and thankful to be your mom. I can't wait to see what the future holds for you Levi Austin!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Field Trip Fun x2!

Lane had two field trips in the past two weeks! I'm so grateful that I am able to go on these and spend time with him in his school setting!
Last Monday they went to NISD's Outdoor Learning Center. It was a fun day of nature walking, seed planting fun!

Taking a trolley to the nature path!

Each group planted a tree and got to name it....Lane's group named their's the Green Machine!

My group!

Class shot
Kinder Group Shot!

Then today they went to Sea Life! Little man got to tag along and he did awesome! He fits right in with Lane's class and thinks he's a kinder too! First up was lunch outside.

 Then it was inside! All the kids had a blast!

Fun times with my big Kindergartner!!!

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Friday, April 25, 2014

{Five on Friday}'s Friday!! Finally! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! 
Here is what I've been loving this week....a totally random list!

So I am thinking about going ombre for the summer! I found this on Pinterest and love the color...however I am super nervous to actually do it! I've never had my hair colored before and am a little nervous to bite the bullet and do it! But I really want to!

I loved that I was able to go on Lane's field trip this past Monday! I love seeing him with his buds and in his element!

I loved my view at the grocery store yesterday!!

I've been eating this all week for breakfast and love it! YUM!

And I am LOVING the fact that we are going back to Disney!!! We booked our trip Monday and we are all excited!!!!

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Thursday, April 24, 2014


Last Saturday when we were on our way to Waco, we very randomly pulled over on the highway for a quick snap in the bluebonnets! Here they are in their non-matching outfits and, if you look closely, gum in Lane's mouth, ha!

Precious brothers!

Mama and her boys!!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend! Saturday afternoon we headed down to Waco to spend the holiday at my aunt and uncles house! We hadn't been down in awhile so the boys were very eager to get down to see their cousins! 
Once we got into town we went to Georges for dinner then to the house for playing, hot tubing, and then getting ready for EB to come!
Like last year we laid out our "magic jelly beans"! We also made some Easter cupcakes!

The boys were up early to see what the Easter bunny brought! Lot's of fun goodies!

After baskets, they ran outside to see what happened to their jelly beans! Egg suckers grew!!

Before heading to church we took family pics! I love these of my little fam!

Silly faces!

The Moore's, minus Zach

Daddy and his boys!

Cousin picture, there's Zach!

After church we headed back out to the house to enjoy the day. The boys colored eggs! More like a family effort, ha!

We ate, hit in the cages, rode scooters and then had an egg hunt! There was 68 eggs for two boys!

It was a great little getaway and we had a great time celebrating Easter with our family!

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