Monday, December 22, 2014

Disney Day 5: Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving Day we woke up and headed out for our last day at the parks! I didn't know what to expect as far as crowds on a holiday, but once we got there I quickly realized we were not alone in celebrating Thanksgiving away!
That day was our park hopping day! Back and forth alot to get in everything we either didn't do on previous days, or just wanted to do again!
So here we go...
Lane wanted to ride RSR again, so we knew we had to do that first thing in the morning or it wouldn't happen, so we started the day at California Adventures, ran straight to RSR and Paul and I each got to ride it one last time!

Then Lane and I hit up Tower of Terror, while daddy took Levi on some rides in Bugs Land!

Lane liked it better this year!

On our way out of CA, we saw Santa and Mickey Mouse!! Note our UT gear, it was game day, so we had to support our team!!

We then headed to Disnyland park...right after we entered, we hit the character jackpot!! There were so many at the front! Maybe bc it was Thanksgiving! And lots of new characters that we didn't see last year, so that was fun!

We rode Jingle Jungle Cruise! Everything was decorated for Christmas!

For our Thanksgiving meal, we headed over to Goofy's was so good and the boys had fun! And yes, we had turkey!

After lunch we rode more rides, including Levi's first "big" roller coaster! He didn't like it at all on the ride, but said he did after!

Around six, we headed to DD to ESPN Zone again, to watch the first half of the Texas-TCU game! While there Lane drew this sweet pic for nanny and we sent it to her! By the end of the half we were more than ready to leave! #brutalgame
 More rides, more walking, and before we knew it, it was nighttime! We staked out spots for Fantasmic, and while waiting Paul and I took turns taking Lane on Splash Mountain! 
**NOTE: if you want to literally walk onto this ride, which is unheard of during the day, wait till night, right before the show!

Then it was showtime...

After the show, we rode Big Thunder Railroad one more time, took in the castle one last time, and left full of memories!!

Friday morning we had a late flight, so we ordered room service, played with new toys, and took our time packing up!

We had such a blast that week! There's nothing more I love than these three boys and I love making memories with them!! Even though I'm pretty sure we won't be heading back again next Thanksgiving, the boys seem to think otherwise!! Another great family trip in the books!!

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Disney Day 4: Off/Beach Day

Wednesday morning we took a break from the parks to enjoy a day "off" to explore the area!! We were so close to some famous beaches so we thought why not! We rented a burb for the day and off we went!
First up though was our character breakfast at the Grand Californian!

Dance party through the restaurant!

**Side note: At breakfast we were sitting next to a family from Frisco...random huh!?!

After a very yummy breakfast we hit the road to the coast, first stop was Huntington Beach! It was a gorgeous day, realistically we all should have been in shorts!

We couldn't get over all the people surfing....just out there waiting on the waves!

The boys wanted to do a little pier fishing....but we did not catch a thing! Levi kept saying he wanted to catch a whale!

We hit the road again, heading south to Laguna Beach! The drive was beautiful!! Being a big fan of both the OC and MTV's Laguna Beach I thoroughly enjoyed it!

We stopped for lunch at a small, quaint, little beach Mexican restaurant that had come highly recommended to us, and I mean look at this view! Crazy that some people call this home and have this view all the time!!

My handsome lunch date! Oh and these margaritas were sooo good! Paul and I definitely wanted another but we had the boys plus a long drive back, so next time babe!

It was a little after 4 when we got back to Anaheim and we decided to drive straight over to Downtown Disney for a little night fun! 
First up was ice skating! Lane spotted this night one and we promised we would do it, so we did! Out of the four of us, I was the only one who had been ice skating before, so I'm sure you can sense my thoughts of how this was going to go down, ha!

Levi made the cut, and was excited that he could skate!

That wall by the tree became Lane's friend fast!

I felt ridiculous that I had capris on with skates, it looked awful, but I didn't know that we would be skating!

All three boys actually enjoyed ice skating! Lane didn't want to come off the ice and wanted to master it, and he only took a couple of bad falls! And this sweet goober did his best too!

After we had our fill of skating, we raced more cars at the Lego Stores, snacked on beignets, did a little shopping then headed back to our hotel, took the boys for a dip in the hot tub, ordered room service for dinner, and called it a night!! 

Hardly "restful" but so much fun and re-energized us for our last day at the parks!!