Monday, November 29, 2010

AZ Day 1: Brody's 1st Birthday Party

We got to AZ late Saturday night, and on Sunday my sister had Brody's birthday party! I am so glad we were able to be there for it! Since Brody boy loves Mickey Mouse, she went with that for the theme! She did a great job with all the decorations!
Here is the birthday boy in his Mickey shirt!

Here are the two stinkers...daddy found this Mickey shirt for Lane right before the party! I love this one of them looking at each other.

Here is my big boy...Mickey ears and all!

These were the cute favor bags!

And the sign in table!

Brittany ordered a life size Mickey balloon! It was too cute!

Brody and Mickey

For all you moms out there who know the infamous hot dog dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog.....well of course hot dogs were served! Here is the bar with the set up!

And here was the cake table!

 Close up of the oreos for the ears...cute!

Brody about to dig in

Opening presents
And the pinata....Lane is a pro at these!!

The party was great...and we were just glad to be there for it

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shutterfly Loves Bloggers

So Christmas is right around the corner, and one of my favorite things about Christmas is Christmas cards!! Not only do I love making ours and sending them out, I love to receive them as well! Checking the mail in December is always fun, you never know whose card your going to get! So when I heard about Shutterfly's awesome deal for bloggers, I knew I couldn't pass it up! They are giving away 50 FREE cards to bloggers!!! Cards can definitely add up, so this is a great deal! Shutterfly has a huge selection to chose from! Two of my favorites are this one...
and this one...

And to complete your card, they have a ton of cute address labels...such as this one! Personalized calendars and mugs would also make great gifts!
And one last thing I love....
Their super cute selection of birth announcements, which I'll be needing this Spring!

So hurry on over and pick out your next card!
And if your a blogger, sign up to get your 50 FREE cards here!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Well after a long, relaxing, fun, and fast week, we are finally back home! We had a great time in Arizona with my family. I have so much to blog about and catch up on as well as getting all the Christmas decor up! So for now a simple post will have to do!! 
I have so much to be thankful for this year, but by far I am thankful for these two boys...
and this sweet little boy, whom I can't wait to meet!

Life is so good right now!!

Hopefully I can do some blogging soon! So coming up...

Brody's 1st Birthday
Cousin Love

Even though it's a tad bit late....I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

16 Week Bumpdates

Another four weeks have flown by! They have been pretty good. Relative energy and feeling decent. My 16 week appointment went well. I got to hear that sweet little heartbeat once was 141...the lowest its been yet.  We have had a pretty lowkey day...just hanging around the house, trying to get a sick little boy better!
Baby bump is definitely noticeable now!!

 I love Lane's face here!!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 16 Weeks
Size of baby: Baby F is the size of a Avocado!
Total Weight Gain: 6 lbs so far
Maternity Clothes: Only blue jeans right now
Gender: It's a Boy!! Levi Austin!
Movement: Noy yet, but hopefully any day now, this is around when I felt Lane
Sleep: Great
What I miss: Caffeine still
Cravings: Still pizza...yummy!!
Symptoms: Not any right now
Best Moment this week: Hearing Lane say "Wevi" (oh and he calls himself "Wane")!

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Battery Fixes Everything

Lane cracks me up every singe day at the funny little things that comes out of his little mouth! Since this blog will eventually be in a blog book I wanted to jot this down so I will have it to look back on! Like I said, my little man is hilarious. Take this funny little story...
A while back Lane was playing with a new toy, a Thomas the Train train. He let it run all over the place so naturally it ran out of batteries. Frustrated, he came to me.."mommy mommy, Thomas stopped"...and I try to explain to him that he left it on too long and it had run out of batteries. Well being a two year old he really didn't understand this battery thing. I kept on telling him we needed to wait and daddy would bring home some batteries and fix it. So we did wait, and daddy did bring home some batteries, and magically Thomas worked! And Lane was happy!
So fast forward to Monday night....I was doing stuff around the house and Lane wanted to watch Dora on the computer ( So I propped him up and got it started. About five minutes or so later I hear "OH NO mom...Dora stopped". So I go in there and see a black screen with the words buffering on it and it was stuck. I said "Oh no Lane it's not working anymore!" To which he said "Yea, need get some batteries"!!
Again on another night, he was playing with a small Woody boot that originally came with a small snake in it, and you push this lever and the snake popped out. Well the snake has long disappeared and the lever was broke. He came to me distraught telling me to "fix it fix it" which I said "Lane I can't it's broke". And then yes..."It's okay, get some batteries!! Hilarious!! I couldn't help but just crack up!
I love to see his little mind working and making these connections! At least he is problem solving!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


So before I was pregnant I noticed on a couple of blogs, people who did this test, Intelligender. It's a simple urine test you can take starting at 10 weeks and it supposedly tells you if you are having a boy or girl! Even though this is not scientifically proven or anything, I must say that the results I was seeing was pretty convincing!!
I though it would be fun to take this and see what it said. If it turns an orangeish-yellow that means your having a girl, and if it turns a dark brownish-green that means your having a boy.So around 10 weeks and 3 days I took it...this is what it looks like...

and after the 5 minute waiting period...this is what I saw...
Yep, no mistaken that color.  So it worked for me! I thought this was pretty neat and something fun to do while waiting to know for sure!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This is the third year for Lane to go Trick-or-Treating, but the first year where he really knew what he was doing! He had so much fun. Nana, Aunt Terry and Bre-Bre came over to go with us!
Here is my little man all ready to go! The costume did not come with these toy wings. He got those for his birthday back in March, but I thought this was a perfect addiction, just to make him more Buzz like!!

On the hunt for candy!

We had talked all day about saying "trick-or-treat" and he said it over and over. However, when he went to a door, he would ring the doorbell and immediately say "trick-or-treat"! Before anyone answered!

Daddy helping

There were these twin boys who were gnomes!!! Precious!!

And when the night was over, he came home, dumped his candy stash out, and was so excited! Of course we let him have some! Here was his first choice!! Chocolate, of course!