Sunday, May 31, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game...

I'm sure this is what Lane was thinking today...
but it's not quiet time yet to take little man to his first Ranger game! We are excited for that day's just that right now all he wants to do is run around and walk...and there is no room for that in those stands! Anyway, even though little man wasn't going this us today, doesn't mean he couldn't dress the part!!

My two boys! How cute is this pic!

Other than sweating off about 5 lbs the game was fun!!

This is what Lane spent the afternoon doing with Aunt Terry and the gang!!
The pool can't even stop him from sucking his paci!!

Fun day. Tired Baby. Burnt daddy.Wishing I didn't have to go to school tomorrow mom!!
5 days!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First Taste of Summer

***CAUTION: Long Post w/ Lots of Pictures***
Happy Memorial Day all....this past weekend was so much fun. I definitely got my first taste of summer. I can hardly stand getting up in the morning to go to work....two years ago we would already be out for summer!!! Oh's officially 8 days and counting (and boy am I counting)!!!
The weekend started off Friday night with a birthday celebration! My aunt Kelly turned 26 years old so we headed out to downtown Ft. Worth for some fun. Dinner at Mi Cocina's then over to Petes! Love that place. We had a great time!!! Me and Kelly, the birthday girl!
Me, Amanda and Kelly...and some random girls in the back!

Me and the hubs!

Saturday, after we rested up, we decided to take Lane to the park since it was a gorgeous day out! Well, our usual park is closed at the moment for renovations on the nearby library, so we found a new park! And let me just say I will be going back to this one all summer....not because I don't like the other one but because this one has....a SAND PIT!!! And Lane LOVED IT!!!

Here he his pre-sand... playing with daddy and mommy...
(side note...Paul and Lane are walking exactely the same...right feet both up and all...too cute!)


and then we found the sand....and didn't leave it for the rest of the time!! Not even to swing!

concentrating hard...

we had fun playing in the sand...and then it was time to go.....
and I think the pic speaks for itself!!! Poor baby!

So to make it all better we went for a snow cone, and Lane enjoyed that with daddy.

Sunday we spent the day at the baseball fields watching my cousin Zack play. Literally all day! Lane was awesome....he played and played....and the bleachers were completely covered so didn't have to worry about him burning! I think he looks too cute in this picture! Like he is really watching the game.
Lane and Halo!

My cutie pie

And finally Monday...we started the day by getting a new TV for our bedroom! Then we headed to lunch with the gang, shopped at the new Sam Moon by us, and then made our way back home! And again yesterday was beautiful out so we decided to get out Lane's little pool for the first time and test out the water! He did fairly well for about the first 30 minutes or so then slowly faded out! So all in all we were outside for about and hour or so, but it was just long enough to get a bit of sun and for Lane to enjoy the water!

It was a great relaxing weekend. I want summer to hurry and get here as I'm sure many of you do!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Look Closely...

and you will see Lane's new spot for his paci!!This ball popper is one of Lane's favorite toys. Well, the other day he was playing and all the sudden got real fussy. So I went on a hunt of finding his paci. So we looked everywhere and could not find it. I finally gave up and hoped he would stop whining. Then I noticed that when he hit the button for the popper to start, the balls were not popping up. So I walked over, checked it out and there it was...his paci! So now that is his new game....and the first place I check when I can't find the paci!
How can I get it out??


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Finally...something he'll EAT!!

So Lane has become a very picky eater. We offer him everything we eat and he will say no to about 95% of it, which makes meal time quite interesting around here! Tonight though, I think we found something he likes.....

Spaghetti!!! I offered it to him by fork first, and he turned his head.....classic Lane I thought what the heck and I dumped it all out for him...and sure enough he started eating it...I think we have Mr. Independent emerging!I like it mom!
Hey, where did my tray go?

And this picture I just had to post...this was this morning before we headed out. He got out all his puzzles and was playing....he is just so cute here and he is looking so big now!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there, and all moms-to-be (Brittany)!!! I had a great day with my little man and my big man!! We spent all morning just hanging out together. Then had a great lunch! I got a spa day from my boys, which I am very excited about!! Being a mom is such an amazing thing and I am so grateful everyday for this little blessing. I hope everyone had a great relaxing day.
My handsome little boy!

When I picked up Lane Friday from daycare, this was waiting for me! Lane, with the help of his teachers, made me this sweet card!

I love it Lane!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

A New Look!

About a month ago now we had family pictures taken. This was the first time we've had professional family pics since last April, when Lane was about two weeks old. So you could imagine how excited I was! I was referenced to a girl named Kendall through a friend. Her photography business is called Kendall Stoy Photography and she did an AMAZING job!! They came out awesome and I absolutely love them! If you live in the DFW area and are wanting pics done you should definitely check her out!!

I wanted to use some pics on my blog and she even made my header with some...these two are my favs!! Thank you so much Kendall!! Blog upgrade.....check!

Lane is a little under the weather...not swine flu....but a little sick. I think he will be back to 100% soon! Just savoring the time at home!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring Break-Take 2!!

The Swine Flu scare has hit none of us have it...but it has forced my school district to close down until May 11th!!! I really can't believe it to be honest, but I have another week to stay at home and do whatever I want!! The best part about this whole deal is that we will not have to make up these days!!! On a serious note however, I do hope no one contracts the flu and we all stay healthy.

My mother in law is in town for a few days and has been getting to spend time with Lane. She brought up his birthday present...a little picnic table that turns into a water/sand table. Very cute...and he has been sitting on it! Anyway Friday night while Paul was putting it together in the kitchen, Lane found the box and thought it would be fun to play on. He thought it was a mini trampoline! He stood on it, bounced forever, and laughed out loud....he thought it was the best thing ever!!

This afternoon, we braved the rain and headed to P.F. Changs (yummy) for an early Mother's Day dinner for Paul's mom. The food was excellent of course, and Lane kept himself occupied with the chopsticks which served as his drumsticks!! I'm telling ya, this kid may just be a drummer when he grows up! He loves to bang things around!

He looks sneaky here!
Hopefully the weather clears up and maybe we can hang outdoors tomorrow!