Monday, June 28, 2010

An afternoon at Jerry's World

This past weekend was filled with family and fun! Paul's mothers' family had a cousin's reunion, so Saturday we spent the day in Allen at one of her cousin's homes. I got to meet for the first time alot of Paul's family...and they got to see Lane as well for the first time! It was lost of fun, but unfortunately didn't take any pictures there.
Some of the family was from out of state and wanted to go tour the Cowboy Stadium, and even though we've been we wanted to go along with everyone! And boy am I glad we went! It was so much fun...we did the self guided tour and got to see things you wouldn't normally get to see! Everyone, including Lane, had a blast! ( I thought I'd go blue for this post!)
Paul, his mom, stepdad and Lane...
Lane is taking the enormity of it in! We did not even think about taking a football with us, which several people did. And Lane was just dying to get his hand on a this guy saw Lane eyeing his football, and very sweetly asked if Lane wanted to kick it, which Lane did NOT turn down!!!

The Cheerleaders lockeroom!

The girls posing....look at all the guys in the mirror...hilarious!!
Entering the Cowboy's lockeroom!
Romo, Witten & Austin... Our three favs!
We had to....
The interview room! You look good babe!

Tunnel the boys enter the field through!

My sweet boy!
Down...Set...Hut Hut!!!
I love this pic Paul snapped!
I don't know how many times he ran the field
Hanging on the 50 yd line
And of course all the guys wanted to see if they could touch the goal post...Paul got it!
After we finished, we went to Pappasito's (yummy)! Lane was exhausted from all the running he did, and this is what he did about 10 minutes after getting seated!!

We had a great lunch and stayed there for 2 hours just talking and laughing! We had a great weekend getting to hang out and getting to know some of Rhonda's family!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Our Father's Day was a great relaxing day! We enjoyed lunch downtown, walked around a bit, then we spent time in the backyard playing with the slip n slide, then we went to a local yogurt place and got a cool treat! Lane is very particular with his order....chocolate with M&Ms!!
Lane is super lucky to have a Super Daddy!! Paul we love you LOTS and I hope you had a great Father's Day!! Here is how we spent our afternoon!!
To all the other wonderful dads out there, I hope your day was great too!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Gym Class

At the beginning of the month I enrolled Lane in a Tiny Tot gym class, kinda like the Gymboree classes. Something for us to do during the summer and keep him active! Lane absolutely loves it! I'll tell him the morning of gym class that we have it and all day long he'll say "gym class" over and over! Yesterday, I talked Paul into snapping some pics for me! They are kinda blurry due to Lane moving so much, but you can get the picture!! His favorite thing to do is the trampoline, and he does not like to change stations, but I quickly get his mind off it! We have another week left and then we may sign on for July as well! So here is little man!

The only thing Paul didn't get was a picture of him walking on the beam..which he does so good! Oh well!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mr. McGraw

My awesome husband got me Tim McGraw tickets for my birthday, an early present! So Paul and I went along with my very best friend Stefanie and her hubby Zack. Lady Antebellum was there as well and it was an awesome show by both!! Probably one of my favs! We started off the evening with yummy food at the Blue is Stef and I on our way! Paul and I

Stef and Zack

Waiting for the show in the oh so HOT sun!!

Lady A

Stef and I waiting on Tim!!

And here he is....

Sweaty Tim!!

It was a great evening! If you get the chance to see Tim live you should!! Thanks hubby for a great birthday present!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

A night with this man....

Is a good night in my book!! Oh and Lady A will be there as well!
Can't wait for tomorrow night!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

2009 Blog Book

Saturday was a great mail day for me...ha! I got two things that I ordered that day...anyone else love when you get stuff in the mail!? Anyway one of the things I finally got was my 2009 blog book!! Well the rest of '09. The first book I made I wasn't thinking and ended it right after Lane's first birthday in this one is from April 09 to the end of now that I'm caught up I can do each year in a book!
Anyway, like last time I used the online publisher Blurb. It took me awhile because there is SO much editing to do...and I am super picky and a tad bit of a perfectionist, so it took a looonnng time!! But it's done now, and I now have another year's worth of memories in the books! I love that theres a way to save my blog into a book! Here are some pics.
The front cover

The back cover

Some of the page layouts

Full pages of pics!
Another full page!
Inside cover of jacket

Switching that the hot weather is here we have been spending some of our weekends at my aunts, doing some swimming. These are from last Saturday, Lane's first official swim of the summer! Only a little bit of aunt has a hot tub with a step all around it, which makes for a perfect little swimming pool for Lane!
Here he is with daddy
He loves his floating basketball goal!

And his pirate boat!!
3 1/2 more days!

Friday, June 4, 2010

'10 Summer Fun List

So today, I was wondering through blogs at school...yes I had a ton of free time today due to our district being the only one with a whole week left...that's awhole different issue....students were working on reviews, all grades done and in, and nothing really left to do. Anyway...getting back to the point of this blog, I stumbled across this blog with a really cute idea! Making a "Summer List"....a list you can display somewhere around the house(I'll probably stick it on the fridge) with all the fun things you hope to get accomplished with your kiddos during summer and check off as you go! And plus it helps to give you a bit of direction and see everything you do!
So, I thought I would make one of my own...and maybe start a cute, very little, summer tradition for Lane and future children! And hopefully, as he gets older, he can help me create our summer fun list and we can add new things that he's not quite old enough for yet!
So here is the Furr's First Annual
SuMmEr FuN LiSt!!!!I'm sure there are other things I could have included but this is a great start!
.PP PP.S. If you looked closely you may have saw "Paci Detox"....I am bound and determined to get him off his paci by summer's end!! Ok well maybe completely day free from paci!! Baby steps right!! Pray for us...It's gonna be rough!!
P.S.S. In case you are wondering what Muffin Tin Munchies are.....a blog I read...okay call it blog stalking b/c I don't actually know her....hA....does this every once in awhile with her son! It is just a cute, fun, way to serve food to your little one and maybe learn something in the process! She always has a theme to her MTM's and they are just precious! I've always wanted to do them but it's kinda hard when I work and am not with Lane at this summer is the perfect time to start! I'll probably try to do one once a month and see how they go! This one and this one are two of my favorites! So I think I'll start there!
I cannot WAIT for next Thursday to get here...then I will officially be on summer break!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Book Club Pick

This past Friday we had our first book club get together and it went great! We had good conversation, good food, and lots of much fun in fact that it lasted from 5 to 11:30...HA!! The book, The Art of Racing in the Rain, was a really good book that I enjoyed. It's an easy read....I laughed in places, got mad in places, and I teared up in places! It made for great discussion and overall the whole group enjoyed it!
So...on to June! June is my month!! My selection is A Soft Place to Land. I looked over lots of book club lists and settled on this one! It looks good so hopefully it will be!HaPpY ReAdInG!!!