Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sneak Peak!

Lane's party is this Saturday!! So I thought I would give a little sneak peak! Here is the invite!! Yes, we are going to have a Gabba Gabba party for my Gabba crazed boy!!! Now lets just hope the rain stays away!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Little Man's Big Day

Lane's birthday has come and gone so quick! I think he had a very fun day is what he did! I sent my camera to school with him that day and asked his teacher if she wouldn't mind snapping some pics of him! (Yes I am that mom!) And boy did she! Here are a few...
Lane dancing with his friends...that is his bud Dash across from him! Cookie cake time!
I love how they all sit around the table to precious!
Washing it down with water....yes in a real cup!
Good stuff
After a fun day at school, we headed over to Chuck E. Cheese! We went last year so thought it only appropriate to go back for his 2nd b-day! Here he is playing is FAVORITE!! He probably played this ten times!
Next was some skee-ball...we let him cheat a little!

Had to slide
Here is Brody boy! He pretty much just hung out all night!

My sister baked some cupcakes for him! I wanted something for him to blow out that night! After wrangling him over to the table, he let us sing to him and then he blew out his candle!! And he liked that so much that we had to relight it a couple more times for him to blow out!!
A quick picture attempt with mama and he was ready to go....didn't even touch his cupcake!
His daddy gave him a gift at home before we left and I took one for him to open up there...he got some cars!

Now we enter the fun year....Bring on the terrible two's!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Lane!!!

Today I am a mommy of a TWO year old!!! Where in the world did the time go? I am so grateful to have a healthy, happy, beautiful little boy! Here is a look back at how fast he has grown!

March 25th, 2008 - One Day Old!
March 25th, 2009- One Year Old!

And here is the birthday boy this morning
March 25th, 2010!
I put his little birthday banner and balloon by his door and caught him coming out of his room!

To celebrate with his little friends at daycare today!

My big boy!

Lane, I wish you a very special birthday! Your daddy and I love you more than anything!
P.S. More birthday posts later....after a Chucky E. Cheese Celebration tonight!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friendly Competition-March Madness Style!

March Madness has arrived!! And who doesn't like a little friendly competiton!!
So Paul and I thought it would be fun to have our own little bracket competition here at home! We each filled one out and they are up on the fridge, ready to go! To make it a little more fun, we each wrote down a $25-$30 "prize" on the back that we get if our bracket wins! Let the games begin!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today Lane and I met up with some new friends, Jamie and her daughter Ryleigh, at the Safari Park in Southlake. The kids played and had a good time! Here is Lane and Ryleigh riding in the train! They look so cute!!

There was about 3-4 "big kids" playing in the ball pit and there was a "big" slide that lead into the pit. Lane noticed the kids sliding down and you could tell he wanted to do it as well...but it was a little bigger than the baby can see him up there debating it!!
anyway...a couple of minutes later I looked at him and he was sliding down! So I grabbed my camera and made him do it again! Such a big boy!

We had a fun afternoon and Lane was out when we left!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Well my Spring Break started off with a trip to Houston to visit my sister in law Holly, Charlie and Coen. We had a great time. The weather was perfect so we spent both days outside soaking up the sun! Saturday we went to an outdoor safari type place. Lane and Coen enjoyed seeing all the animals! We took a train ride around the grounds and animals would come up the the train for food! Lane did great and was not at all scared of the animals!He would just grab a hand of food and throw it through the fence!

I got this great pic of a giraffe!
I love this pic of Lane! He loved the giraffes and can say it as well!

Here is Paul, Lane, Holly, and Coen

Looking at something!
Momma and Lane

That night Paul's mom and stepdad came up from Victoria and we cooked a ton of yummy food and the boys played outside! Lane was doing everything Coen would do! You can see here that he got a little brave by going down head first!

Sunday we headed down to Galveston. We walked through the main street (not sure the name), did some window shopping, ate lunch outside, then headed to the beach to play. Lane was being silly at lunch and wanted to wear my sunglasses.
Lane is still not a fan of the ocean but he did enjoy the sand.
Nope...don't like it!

I'll just stay back here! (Paul was playing around with the camera, that's why they are turned!! I love them though!)

Charlie and Coen...Coen loved the water!!
Daddy and Lane enjoying the view!
A great way to start a break!! I am looking forward to a hopefully long relaxing week! We don't have any "real" plans, but I do have a long "To-Do" list that I want to work on! We will see how much of that gets done!
P.S Happy 25th Birthday to my sister Brittany!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Dear Random Stranger in front of me at Starbucks this morning,

Thank you for showing some kindness and buying my coffee....she forgot to order her coffee decafe and so after I ordered she rolled her window down, got my attention, and asked if I could do it for her.....then when I pulled up to pay the worker said she had paid for mine! It made my morning and made me smile!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rainy Day Madness!

Here is what being couped up inside on a rainy day will produce..... a big mess!! Since it was cold and wet outside, we stayed inside ALL day and just hung out and played! Lane didn't even make it out of his pajamas! He had free reign in his bedroom...and our living room looked the same!! Oh well....he sure did have fun playing!
Oh, and a rainy day just may have produced some homemade chocolate chip cookies as well! I decided to let Lane lick one of the beaters (his first time) and I have never seen a quicker smile before! He loved it...more so than the cookie! Definitely my boy!
II loved our riany day together...and I am so excited that Spring Break is in sight!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Puerto Rico 2010!!

So I am finally getting around to blogging!! We did not get home until last Sunday at midnight, so we basically went to bed, then had to wake up, go to work, rush home to see Lane and then just had to tackle the rest of the week full steam!! Yes I have stacks of laundry and yes I have a million things to get done, but we both have just been spending our evenings with Lane. Who by the way was awesome while we were gone! He spent the week in Waco with my family and had SO much fun, even got to play in more snow!! Many many thanks goes to my nana, aunt and uncle, and cousins, for watching Lane while we were gone!!
So here is our trip! It was AMAZING!!! Puerto Rico was beautiful and our resort was SO nice!! With the exception of one day of rain, the weather was great! Paul and I definitely enjoyed ourselves and had such a good time! Caution: Many pics ahead!!
Here is a little bit of the resort... The main part of the resort sits ontop of a huge cliff! You have to take a gondola type thing down the cliff to get to the bottom area.

Looking up at the resort

Since the resort does sit on a cliff, there is no beach right at the resort. Bummer right!!??? Wrong.....they have their own small private island, which you take a ferry ride to, to the beaches!! And what was neat was that you could see St. Thomas and some other islands in the distance! Here we are on the ferry.
The island

We were the first ones there that morning!
Dinner the 2nd night at a local resturant.

The pool area
Friday night was when the big dinner and awards banquet was held. Apex definitely does not hold back on anything! Here we are pre-dinner...

having some cocktails of course! This is Sarah, Jill, and I.

At dinner

This trip was only for the top performing people in the company so here is Paul being awarded! I took a shot of his name on the screen...

and tried to get him walking across, but it came out a little dark!

Here is the Ft. Worth Crew with their spouses!

The Ft. Worth crew...Mike, Bryan, Paul and Joanna
Our resort also had a casino, which kept us entertained at night!
Saturday Paul and I decided to take an excursion to the El Yunique Rainforest! It was a mile and a half hike. We had a good time and now I can say I've hiked through a rainforest! And appropriately enough, it was raining that day!!
There were huge leafs so I had to take a pic of one!
In front of the waterfall

The view from a really tall tower
We asked some random old guy to take our pic and he made me take my glasses off and Paul his hat off...and it was super sunny, so we may look a little funny here all squinty!!

This was dinner our last night...

This was the view from our balcony...
And this was an attempt by me to take one of us but I didn't even get the water!!

By Sunday we were both ready to get back to see our little guy! I definitely could have come home to get him and went right back! But that's not the way life is. I am so proud of my husband for all his hard work this past year, he was the reason we got to go! Now the pressure is on to make this trip every year!! HA!!