Monday, March 29, 2010

Little Man's Big Day

Lane's birthday has come and gone so quick! I think he had a very fun day is what he did! I sent my camera to school with him that day and asked his teacher if she wouldn't mind snapping some pics of him! (Yes I am that mom!) And boy did she! Here are a few...
Lane dancing with his friends...that is his bud Dash across from him! Cookie cake time!
I love how they all sit around the table to precious!
Washing it down with water....yes in a real cup!
Good stuff
After a fun day at school, we headed over to Chuck E. Cheese! We went last year so thought it only appropriate to go back for his 2nd b-day! Here he is playing is FAVORITE!! He probably played this ten times!
Next was some skee-ball...we let him cheat a little!

Had to slide
Here is Brody boy! He pretty much just hung out all night!

My sister baked some cupcakes for him! I wanted something for him to blow out that night! After wrangling him over to the table, he let us sing to him and then he blew out his candle!! And he liked that so much that we had to relight it a couple more times for him to blow out!!
A quick picture attempt with mama and he was ready to go....didn't even touch his cupcake!
His daddy gave him a gift at home before we left and I took one for him to open up there...he got some cars!

Now we enter the fun year....Bring on the terrible two's!!

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Vanessa said...

Lane looks like he had a great 2nd birthday! I hope the terrible twos ease right on by!