Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

How is it Monday already?! We had a nice, fun weekend. Friday night we decided to make it family movie night! After grabbing dinner at Snuffers, we picked up a slice of very yummy cheesecake from CF, picked up Epic on the way home, and enjoyed the movie in our media room! Lane had seen it before, but it was the first time for Paul and I, and I must say it was not bad!
Saturday morning we had two games and pictures! Luckily, we got all three in before the rain hit! Lane did great in both games! He scored two goals in his soccer game and went three for three at hitting in his baseball game! We are doing coach pitch this season, so we was very excited he hit!

Is there anything cuter than a five year old in a baseball uniform, I mean seriously!?!

Saturday night Paul and I had date pictures, but we enjoyed a nice meal than drinks with some friends after!
Sunday was gorgeous!! So my aunt and I decided to take the boys out to Six Flags for a couple of hours. Having passes makes it super easy to go whenever we want! We got there right as the park opened, so we zipped right through the park, getting through in four hours!! They got to ride everything they wanted, some even two times without even getting off the ride! That almost never happens!  This weekend was opening weekend of Fright Fest, so the boys got to trick-or-treat through Looney Tunes land! They had a blast and it was a great afternoon to be out there!

And we ended our weekend with a crazy ordeal. We decided to try a BBQ place in Southlake that we've heard good things about. No more than two minutes after getting our food, Levi falls backward in his chair. He starts screaming and we immediately see nothing but blood pouring from his mouth. Between him crying and coughing up blood, I really thought it was his teeth or something. There was SO much, I was a panic and we just tried to calm him down. A sweet guy came over to distract Lane, and we finally got Levi calmed down enough for us to stop the bleeding. We thought we were going to have to go to the ER, but thankfully it stopped. From what we could see he took a pretty big chunk out of his tongue. It was gross, but hopefully it will heal. Poor thing woke up this morning and his speech was a bit slurred! I don't do blood well, so it totally scared this mommy. Quite the dinner!
After we all ate finally, I wanted to find this new park that I had been hearing about. It is in Grapevine and it is the neatest park ever!! So much for kids to do!! If you live in the area, check it out! Even though it was kinda late on a school night, we let the boys play for about twenty minutes and they did not want to leave!! We will for sure be going back!

Well this turned out to be a super long post, ha!! Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!
And I'm blogging today over at Ft. Worth Moms Blog about local pumpkin patches!! Check it out...tomorrow is October!!!

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2013 Scarf Swap Reveal

This year I participated in Meredith's 5th Annual Scarf Swap! I somehow have never seen this, so I was super pumped about it!! 

I got paired up with a sweet girl named Corey! I has so much fun shopping for her! We both were thinking the same thing, because we both sent each other leopard print scarves!!
I was so excited when my package arrived...who doesn't love fun mail days!?!

She sent me the cutest package...not only a scarf but some fun Halloween candy and napkins!! 

I've been eyeing the orange/leopard scarf from Nordstrom and was so excited when I saw it!! Perfect for Fall and perfect for UT game days!!

The scarf swap was so fun and a great way to kick off the Fall season!! Thanks Meredith for hosting! And again thanks to Corey for being a great swap partner!!

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Zoo Fun

With both of Lane's games getting cancelled on Saturday, it quickly became an open day for us! And what made it even better was the weather! Cooler temps finally arrived and we quickly made the decision that we needed to be outside! So we were off to the Ft. Worth Zoo for a fun little family outing!

Both of them were eager to see the snakes! Yuck!

And what topped off their trip was getting to touch a snake! I knew Levi would touch it with no problem, but I wasn't sure about Lane! But he totally did, and they both loved it!

I thought this was hilarious! This lizard thing was swimming right at the glass and Levi literally followed him all across! It was too cute!

Feeding the birds is always a must do!

The highlight of the trip for me is seeing the new baby elephants! Over the summer the zoo had two babies born and they are the talk of the town! 

How precious is she!!?
The boys had a blast. Both boys were very into the zoo this time, especially little Levi! Such a fun morning!!

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Friday, September 20, 2013

{Five on Friday}

It's Friday again!! Today I woke up to RAIN! So nice to stay in and enjoy it! Anyway it is time again to link up with Darci and her friends for Five on Friday!
So here is what I've been loving this week.....
I have been seeing this darling little notepad pop up all over IG and blogs this past week! And I think that I desperately need it, ha! This is the cover and then each page starts with "Can't forget to blog about..."! I'm thinking this may be a great little stocking stuffer for mama!!

Earlier in the week, I had a little fun with some gold spray paint! This pin inspired me and although they are not perfect, I love how they turned out!! 
I saw this graphic this morning on FB and thought it was SO cute! I'm a coffee lover so I loved it!

This is definitely my frame of mind right now!! I can't wait for colder temps to arrive and holiday season to be in full swing! If the rain keeps up through tomorrow and games are cancelled for the day then I just may bust out our Halloween decorations a week early!!

FWMB is hosting our first ever Mom's Night Out!! So if you are a Ft. Worth mama, check it out!!!

Well ladies that's all I got for today!! Here's to hoping the rain sticks around a little longer!! 

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Getting Organized: School Papers

Awhile back I posted this picture on Instagram....

From Day 1, I had an ton of papers, from each kid, that was ending up in a huge pile on my kitchen counter! Not "keepsake" school papers, but things like newsletters, reading logs, box top sheets, picture forms, etc. Stuff that was super important and would be referring to often, but not stuff that could be kept in their school folders and backpacks. 
I didn't want to stare at a paper pile on my counters the whole school year, so I needed a fix fast! After browsing my go-to organizing blogs, I had a good idea at what kind of system I wanted, so it was just finding what I needed!
After a trip to a couple office supply stores with no luck, I went to good ole Target and found something that would work perfectly!!

At first glance, I thought these were any normal folders, but once I opened them I was surprised to see three pockets! Cool huh! Luckily they came in two colors, so I grabbed one of each and that was that!
On setting them up...I saw this idea and loved it. I decided to label each pocket...
Logs (for Lane)

Important is where I keep anything that I may need to reference, such as newsletters, notes, etc.

Action is where I keep anything that is something I need to do at some point, such as box tops, permission forms, book orders, basically anything that I have to send back to school!

And in Lane's last folder I labeled it Logs, for his reading logs!

  And I put them in a cute wire basket from World Market, right next to our drop spot in the mud room!

So far this folder system works wonderfully! I LOVE the three pocket folders! If you need something like this, I'd suggest trying this out, and run to Target fast!!

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Getting Organized: Lunch Drawer

Awhile back I instagramed about a lunch planner I made to help me tackle making Lane's lunches everyday, and I must say that I love it! I plan out his lunches on Sunday nights, and each morning I don't have to think one bit!! I just look at the day and grab/make whatever it is I wrote! Totally worth the five or so minutes it takes on Sunday!

With that said, I have found myself rummaging through the pantry and a couple of different cabinets and drawers each morning, gathering things to assemble his lunch...which to me needed to be fixed. A "one stop shop" needed to be!
Enter our new lunch drawer!!!

First up, I cleared out a drawer that was housing some random stuff that I just moved around to another. Second, I gathered everything I used for lunches. Third, I made our drawer!
So here is what is inside:
1. Snack baggies
2. Rubber cupcake molds (for small stuff)
3. Basket that holds napkins and spoons
4. Lunch note stickers (found @Walmart)
5. Sandwich container
6. Small plastic cups w/lids
7. Most used cookie cutters for sandwiches
And that my friends is our lunch drawer! I am loving it!! It really makes packing a lunch super simple! Aside from getting the actual food, I literally pull open ONE drawer!!
Happy almost Friday!!

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Soccer Season Begins

Our Fall season of soccer began this weekend! Lane is playing with the same team from the Spring, the Lightning, and Paul kinda got suckered into coaching this season! Anyway, the boys did GREAT!! There are only six boys on the team, which means they all have a lot of playing time, which in turn means we have some pretty tired boys by the end of the game! But they did so good, and Lane had six goals, he was pretty pumped!! Here's a few pics from his first game...

Levi wants to play SO bad! He had to wear one of Lane's old jerseys!

The boys were SO excited after the game! You would have thought they won a championship or something, ha! So sweet!

Can't wait to watch the play the rest of the season!!

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