Thursday, September 19, 2013

Getting Organized: School Papers

Awhile back I posted this picture on Instagram....

From Day 1, I had an ton of papers, from each kid, that was ending up in a huge pile on my kitchen counter! Not "keepsake" school papers, but things like newsletters, reading logs, box top sheets, picture forms, etc. Stuff that was super important and would be referring to often, but not stuff that could be kept in their school folders and backpacks. 
I didn't want to stare at a paper pile on my counters the whole school year, so I needed a fix fast! After browsing my go-to organizing blogs, I had a good idea at what kind of system I wanted, so it was just finding what I needed!
After a trip to a couple office supply stores with no luck, I went to good ole Target and found something that would work perfectly!!

At first glance, I thought these were any normal folders, but once I opened them I was surprised to see three pockets! Cool huh! Luckily they came in two colors, so I grabbed one of each and that was that!
On setting them up...I saw this idea and loved it. I decided to label each pocket...
Logs (for Lane)

Important is where I keep anything that I may need to reference, such as newsletters, notes, etc.

Action is where I keep anything that is something I need to do at some point, such as box tops, permission forms, book orders, basically anything that I have to send back to school!

And in Lane's last folder I labeled it Logs, for his reading logs!

  And I put them in a cute wire basket from World Market, right next to our drop spot in the mud room!

So far this folder system works wonderfully! I LOVE the three pocket folders! If you need something like this, I'd suggest trying this out, and run to Target fast!!

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