Monday, September 23, 2013

Zoo Fun

With both of Lane's games getting cancelled on Saturday, it quickly became an open day for us! And what made it even better was the weather! Cooler temps finally arrived and we quickly made the decision that we needed to be outside! So we were off to the Ft. Worth Zoo for a fun little family outing!

Both of them were eager to see the snakes! Yuck!

And what topped off their trip was getting to touch a snake! I knew Levi would touch it with no problem, but I wasn't sure about Lane! But he totally did, and they both loved it!

I thought this was hilarious! This lizard thing was swimming right at the glass and Levi literally followed him all across! It was too cute!

Feeding the birds is always a must do!

The highlight of the trip for me is seeing the new baby elephants! Over the summer the zoo had two babies born and they are the talk of the town! 

How precious is she!!?
The boys had a blast. Both boys were very into the zoo this time, especially little Levi! Such a fun morning!!

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Randomosity of Southern Fried Domestication said...

How Fun! In my home we are huge zoo, aquarium, and field trip fans! Our Nugget is only 4 months, so this was a preexisting condition. We headed out to the San Antonio zoo last weekend! Fun, fun! I hope to visit the Ft. Worth zoo in the future. Love your blog!