Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lazy Day

Today was a pretty lazy day around our house! Lounged around all morning, took a walk, daddy mowed, mommy and Lane played inside, got Chick-Fil-A for lunch...very low key. Awhile back , on one of my weekly trips to Walmart, I got Lane this cute water sprinkler/slide for $5 and have been wanting to use it, so late this afternoon we set it up for Lane. He was a little hesitant, but after a demo by daddy he was set to go! Here are a few pictures of Lane playing in the water!
Would you look at that belly!
Love his smile

Crawling through..he really didn't get the run and slide part!
Taking a break!
He had a great time. Happy weekend!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Zoo Fun

This past Saturday Paul and I took Lane and my cousin Jared to the Ft. Worth Zoo. It was Lane's second time there...we took him when he was about seven months this time around was very different! Lane knows and can identify many animals, so we knew he would love it! We got there right at about 10:30, and it was cloudy and cool...and it stayed like that all the up until about one ish...right before we we really lucked out with the weather!
Here is Lane and Jared on our way! Lane loves his cousin Jared.Looking at the giraffes...
and the elephants

having fun
Getting to feed the birds.
Lane wasn't scared at all to hold the seed stick out!

Mommy and Lane watching some bird things...(don't really know what they were!) while waiting for daddy and Jared to get drinks!
In the play area
Watching the his feet!
More posing with animal statues!
Look at the HUGE turtles!
And both kids were worn out!
Our zoo trip was successful!! Thanks Jared for coming with us!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bag O.B.S.E.S.S.I.O.N

Ok, I'll admit it....I have an obsession with bags!!!
Any kinda bags really....tote bags, make-up bags, travel bags, diaper bags, totes, purses....if I see any bag that I like, I have to have it! Much to my hubby's frustration....I have bags of all types stored all around our house!! It's an addiction (that I get from my mom) that I can't seem to break!
So, when a good friend got into sewing recently and said she would make me, and a couple other girls at work, a bag...I was excited!! I got to pick my own fabrics and everything!! And today I got it!! And I love it! I loved the fabrics when I picked them out, but I really love them now! Stephanie did a great job!! Thanks girl!

And I couldn't post without some pictures of little man. Yesterday was gorgeous so we thought we would go over to Southlake Town Square...along with everyone else....for some eating and shopping. All Lane was saying was that he wanted to see we found the fountain and let him play a bit....and he found these! I was able to snap some pics without him really knowing...I love the bright colors of these flowers!!

Hope you had a great weekend as well!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Animal Parade

Earlier this week, Lane's class had an animal parade! We were instructed to bring in a small animal. So, Tuesday morning we told Lane to pick out a stuffed animal that he wanted to take to school...and he choose a cute little dog!
He was so cute with it all morning, carrying it around and talking to it! When I picked him up, the first thing he said was "doggie" and pointed up to his cubby where it was. So cute! He held onto it the whole way home, so before we got out of the car, I snapped some pictures of Lane and the doggie! Giving it kisses!
And a hug!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I celebrated my third Mother's Day this year because of this precious, smart, sweet, handsome little man!! I am so proud to be his mommy. He is my world! Comparison picture!
(I couldn't find the '08 one, oops, he would have been two months old)

Today was a good day. We hung around the house this morning in our pj's and played! Then for lunch we headed to one of my favorite spots, downtown Ft. Worth and enjoyed a yummy lunch at P.F. Changs!! For dessert, we orderd the "Great Wall of Chocolate" and man it was great!! It was sooo good... and Lane, being a sweet eater just like his mamma, was loving the cake as well!

This face is hilarious!!!
My two boys! My two loves!
This was my mother's day gift!
I had showed Paul this website, The Vintage Pearl, awhile back, and Paul surprised me with this adorable necklace! I LOVE it!! It was the perfect gift!
This was Lane's sweet little gift for me from's adorning my fridge now!!

Happy Mother's Day to my mom!! I love you and wish you were here! Also to Paul's mom and stepmom!! Lane's has the best grandmas and loves you all very much!
I couldn't have asked for a better day...well maybe that it had been warm so we could have gone to the zoo as planned, ha...I am so thankful for Lane and so proud to be his momma!
Oh and I don't want to forget...a special Mother's Day to my sister Brittany....her first one!! Brody has a great mom!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Show us Your Life: Baby Names!

For those of you who don't follow Kelly's Korner, (is there really anyone who doesn't!), every Friday she hosts a "Show Us Your Life" on different topics! It is always interesting to read and I've always wanted to participate but just never have. Until today! I saw today's topic and knew I had to finally play along! I mean who doesn't love to discuss baby names!!
So let me first say that I don't have any deep family roots to my names or anything! Just going with names that I find unique and that I love!
So onto the name of my only kiddo right now. Before we found out that we were having a boy, we each had a list going of names we liked but nothing picked out. Once we knew for sure it was a boy, we started trying to pinpoint a name. Some of our favorites were...Brody, Brady, and Austin. I think there were more but can't remember! Anyway, the summer I got pregnant I worked a camp with a friend, and there were two brothers that were just adorable! I mean precious, smart, polite, cute little boys! And their names were Lane and Cole. And I fell in love with Lane. It was different, unique and the best part was that I had never taught a Lane!! Which makes being a teacher and having babies always revert back to the kids you've taught! Anyway, I mentioned Lane to Paul and he loved it right off! It was the only one we both agreed on completly! Once we had the first name, the middle name came easy. Since he was the first boy, I wanted him to have Paul's middle name which is there it is...our first baby's name....
Now, onto future childrens' names! My list has changed alot! And I'll tell ya why! When we picked Lane it was totally random, no letter must haves, no connection to anything, nothing! But now...we have a unique situation! All three of us have the same number of letters in our first and last names....4! I love that we have a neat, cool little connection thing! So I, (I say I because I'm not really sure if the hubby cares or not, HA!) would love to keep that and give our next child a four letter name.
So here is my BoY name list:
*Levi (my fav)
(not a real choice anymore b/c a family member recently named their child Luke Furr, darn!)
*Austin (for a middle name)
*Kale (sorry Britt!)
GiRl name list:
*Reese (middle name choice)
*Kadyn (our top girl name with baby #1)
*Emry (Paul not a fan)
As you can see the whole four letter girl name is much more difficult!! I just can't seem to find one I LOVE! I love the first two girl names, so I guess we'll just have to make that decision IF I were to have a girl!! So, if you have any four letter girl name...PLEASE SHARE!!
I know alot of the names are "L", but that is just a coincidence...sticking with the same letter is not something I planned and even care to have....just love those names!
So there you have it! My name list!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh Mondays

Happy Monday!
As of this evening we officially have 26 days left of ScHoOl!!! Can ya tell I am so ready for summer!
Sunday we took Lane out to the horse races for the first time. We were celebrating my cousin Amanda's 22nd birthday. All the family went, so I knew I would have lots of hands to help me with Lane. He LOVED it! I couldn't tell you how many times I heard "horsey"! He would say "go horsey" and right after they finished the race he would say "more, more"!
Here is my handsome little thing on our way! With daddy...please excuse the beer...didn't have time to edit these =)
Waiting on the race
With Bre-bre and Aunt Terry
With Amanda
After a long day we were hungry so we headed to one of our favorite pizza places in Keller. Lane chowed down on pizza and ranch!
Yummy yummy!!

Such a big boy!