Thursday, February 28, 2013


A couple of weeks ago our school posted this pic on their FB page! Can't tell you how happy this makes this teacher mommy!!
Lane is LOVING the new ipad lab at school and I am loving the fact that our school is keeping up with where education is going as far as technology is concerned!! Just another reason what makes SSA so great!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Makeover

After almost five years of blogging, I thought it was time to get a professional blog makeover!! I love my new design!!! A huge thanks to Tricia @
I absolutely LOVE it!!
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Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring Soccer Starts

Saturday afternoon Lane had his first soccer game of the Spring season! We switched leagues this year and are on a new team, the Lightning!! Luckily by noon it had warmed up a little!
Pep talk!

Levi happy as can be with his snacks in hand!

Lane got to be a captain!

Lane rocked it...he scored four goals!! 


Levi playing at halftime.

So proud of my #10!! I love watching him play sports...he makes me so proud!!

Not thrilled that it's Monday...the only thing I'm excited for is Bachelor tonight....and the possibility of some fun mail awaiting me later this evening, ha!! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Forgotten Photos

So for some reason I never did post the boys school pictures from the Fall. I've been wanting to hang more pictures around the house so I brought the CD to work with me today because I am finally getting around to ordering some prints!
There are no words for how much I LOVE these! Levi decided that he did not want his picture taken that day...he was just not going to smile!! So unfortunately, I did not get any individual shots of Levi, however I have some of the funniest pics that I'm sure he will laugh at one day!!
So...for your Friday viewing pleasure....
Starting with this sweet sweet pic of my boys holding hands...I'm sure Levi's face is not pretty we just can't see it, ha!
 And my handsome Lane!!! I got lots of good shots of him!

And here's where it gets good!!!
Would you just look at Levi!!!

Full on meltdown coming!!!
And there it is...the lip puckered....he's mad now!!

And this one just makes me laugh! I wish I knew what he was thinking right then!
Oh those boys!!! Love them!!
Anyway I am SO glad it's Friday!! Oh and did you know today is National Margarita Day?? Kidd Kraddick told me that this morning!! Might just have to celebrate that this evening!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This & That

T-Ball started again last night! Lane was super excited to go to practice and see some of his teammates from last season. We are on the same team, however the league decided that everyone would be the Bobcats, since that's the high school's mascot that we will all feed into, and then each team is a color. So we are the Navy Bobcats! Paul is an assistant this season, which Lane loves! And poor Levi just watched as Lane got to have all the fun! He's used to playing out in the back yard with daddy and Lane, so he couldn't understand why he couldn't go out and practice too yesterday, ha!! Poor baby can't wait to play sports!

This past weekend we had Paul's mom and step-dad come stay with us. We had a great, relaxing time! Sunday we walked around Southlake Towncenter. It was a gorgeous day and it was perfect! I took advantage of  some gift cards while there and scored a new wine rack from Pottery Barn and a new book!!
I've heard this book is awesome and can't wait to get started!
We can never go to Towncenter and not go into B&N. Lane's two requests every time are the Apple Store and the book store! HA! Paul's mom and I grabbed a Starbucks then met the guys upstairs. Levi immediately asked for a drink of "offee". I tried talking him out of it, b/c I didn't think he'd like it, but to avoid a crying session, I gave in and gave him a sip...thinking one drink and he wouldn't want another!! Oh no...mommy was wrong...this boy wanted drink after drink!! By the time we left, and yes I had drank most of it, but by the time we left, I just gave the rest to him! You would've thought I just gave him a million pacis! He was so happy and walked around holding my Starbucks cup! Such a stinker!!

Lane goes straight for a chair to browse.

The in laws left Monday morning...I had a thrilling day of staff development, and daddy took Levi to get his stitches out!
A random pic here...this is what my boys want to do now at stores....stand in the back of the carts. No more sitting nicely...nope they want to stand!
Well I guess that's about it for now. Happy Mid -Week!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Heart Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
We started our day with Valentine goodies waiting for the boys!! Having kids makes holidays so much fun...I love to spoil them!! But I know I'm also creating sweet little memories that they will hopefully remember!

Levi's goodies!! 
(Side-note...have you seen these new Fisher Price baby books?! They are precious!)

Lane's goodies! 
He is really into these "Storybook Collection" books! He has all the superhero ones and some Disney ones. He loves for me to read them to him! I saw this Power Ranger one and knew he had to have it! And of course some chocolate!!

Sleepy face Lane checking it out!

And look what my little one went for first...yes the chocolate!! We may or may not have let him eat ONE with his breakfast!! Hey how could we say no to this sweet, happy face!?

Lane has been paying special attention to cards recently! 

Levi showing bubba his Jake card!

And daddy had these out waiting for me this morning!!! Wine and Roses...a perfect pair!!!

I love these TWO to pieces!!
 When we got home we delivered some goodies to our neighbors, grabbed dinner at Fuzzy's, got baths, and about to read their new books before bed!! Wouldn't want to spend my Valentine's any other way! Well maybe the whole work thing, but he...gotta do whatcha gotta do!!
And as for my main Valentine....this is our 13th Valentines together!! Crazy! So lucky to have him!!
Hope everyone's day was full of LOVE!!!

V-Day Swap Link Up {What I Got}

I posted a couple of weeks ago about me participating in a blog swap! Well last week I got my package!!!
I was partnered up with Laura (one of the organizers of it) from A Hearty Overflow! I've loved getting to know her throug her blog!! She seems like a wonderful woman and mom, and she has two adorable kids!!!

OK, back to what she sent me!!
 First up, a SUPER cute scarf!! I love the colors, perfect for V-Day!!
 I also got a home-made "coffee cozie"! She sent this coffee cup filled with tea packets, such a cute idea! Since I am a coffee junkie, I love this!
Also in the package was some notecards and a gift card to Panera!! Kinda funny b/c I sent her some notecards as well, ha!!
And last but not least, she sent me a copy of the book that her husband WROTE!!! Pretty neat huh!!
Laura, thank you so much for all your fun favorites!! I had fun participating in my first "blogger" swap and hope to do it again!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Celebrating Daddy

Today is my wonderful husband's birthday!! Let's back up to Sunday night...we had the family over for a little pre birthday celebration! My aunt made a yummy cake, cupcakes, and chocolate covered strawberries!

Everyone hung outside, the kids played, and Paul grilled hamburgers!
Lane and Claire jumping

and sliding
Aunt Holly with Levi

Me and the birthday boy!
Sibling love!
So thankful for everyone coming over and hanging out!
My boys!
Which brings us to today...Paul's 31st birthday!! Around 10:30 Paul and I got a call from the boys' school informing us that Levi had taken a pretty bad fall, busted his lip, and that they think it's deep enough to need some stitches!
Thankfully Paul was able to go get the little dude, and proceeded to spend the next FIVE hours with him at Cooks which resulted in FIVE stitches for my little man. Definitely not how Paul envisioned spending his birthday, but nonetheless he was super daddy today and took good care of Levi!!
Here he is minutes after the procedure....which Paul said Levi did awesome in!! I swear, he is our tough one for sure!!
And stinker managed to get a popsicle out of them!
I met the boys at Cheesecake for a birthday dinner. The pain meds were coming off, and Levi was letting us know about it, ha! It was still a good time!

Our sweet waiter took our pic! You can see Levi wanted daddy's ice cream!

Well our first stitches are in the books! Even though I'm not thrilled about it, I know that with two boys, there are bound to be more stitches ahead!
Happy Birthday Paul...I know you are reading this....Thank you for taking care of our baby today!! Sorry your day was spent in a hospital room, ha!!Another year spent together!! Love you babe!!