Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This & That

T-Ball started again last night! Lane was super excited to go to practice and see some of his teammates from last season. We are on the same team, however the league decided that everyone would be the Bobcats, since that's the high school's mascot that we will all feed into, and then each team is a color. So we are the Navy Bobcats! Paul is an assistant this season, which Lane loves! And poor Levi just watched as Lane got to have all the fun! He's used to playing out in the back yard with daddy and Lane, so he couldn't understand why he couldn't go out and practice too yesterday, ha!! Poor baby can't wait to play sports!

This past weekend we had Paul's mom and step-dad come stay with us. We had a great, relaxing time! Sunday we walked around Southlake Towncenter. It was a gorgeous day and it was perfect! I took advantage of  some gift cards while there and scored a new wine rack from Pottery Barn and a new book!!
I've heard this book is awesome and can't wait to get started!
We can never go to Towncenter and not go into B&N. Lane's two requests every time are the Apple Store and the book store! HA! Paul's mom and I grabbed a Starbucks then met the guys upstairs. Levi immediately asked for a drink of "offee". I tried talking him out of it, b/c I didn't think he'd like it, but to avoid a crying session, I gave in and gave him a sip...thinking one drink and he wouldn't want another!! Oh no...mommy was wrong...this boy wanted drink after drink!! By the time we left, and yes I had drank most of it, but by the time we left, I just gave the rest to him! You would've thought I just gave him a million pacis! He was so happy and walked around holding my Starbucks cup! Such a stinker!!

Lane goes straight for a chair to browse.

The in laws left Monday morning...I had a thrilling day of staff development, and daddy took Levi to get his stitches out!
A random pic here...this is what my boys want to do now at stores....stand in the back of the carts. No more sitting nicely...nope they want to stand!
Well I guess that's about it for now. Happy Mid -Week!!

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