Friday, February 22, 2013

Forgotten Photos

So for some reason I never did post the boys school pictures from the Fall. I've been wanting to hang more pictures around the house so I brought the CD to work with me today because I am finally getting around to ordering some prints!
There are no words for how much I LOVE these! Levi decided that he did not want his picture taken that day...he was just not going to smile!! So unfortunately, I did not get any individual shots of Levi, however I have some of the funniest pics that I'm sure he will laugh at one day!!
So...for your Friday viewing pleasure....
Starting with this sweet sweet pic of my boys holding hands...I'm sure Levi's face is not pretty we just can't see it, ha!
 And my handsome Lane!!! I got lots of good shots of him!

And here's where it gets good!!!
Would you just look at Levi!!!

Full on meltdown coming!!!
And there it is...the lip puckered....he's mad now!!

And this one just makes me laugh! I wish I knew what he was thinking right then!
Oh those boys!!! Love them!!
Anyway I am SO glad it's Friday!! Oh and did you know today is National Margarita Day?? Kidd Kraddick told me that this morning!! Might just have to celebrate that this evening!!

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Laura said...

Oh wow!!! Those BROWN eyes! Beautiful. We only have blue in this family.

And those faces on your little one... priceless!