Friday, May 31, 2013

{5 on Friday}

It's FRIDAY!!!!
Aside from the simple fact of it being Friday, I so excited today is here because it is the LAST Friday of school....holla!!!!
Last week was my first week to participate in the 5 on Friday link up, and had lots of fun with it, so here we go again!! Five things I'm loving today!!!

I am loving this new wall plug in scent from Bath and Body!! Meet me in Tahiti is auh-mazing!!! Picked it up Monday and I put it in my mudroom and every time I come in from the garage I feel a little bit of the beach!! Seriously smells SO good!
I am totally loving my new I-phone wallpaper!! Eighteen25 always makes THE CUTEST I-phone wallpapers for any occasion!! And this one comes in three colors!!

Have you been seeing "adult" Popsicles all over Pinterest?? Well I have and I can't wait to make some this summer! These are going to be my first! Margarita on a stick....YES please!! Anyone wanna join me!?!

Our summer softball coed league starts this weekend! Last summer we had a blast playing! Our team name is Pitch Perfect, cute huh!?
My sweet boy graduates Pre-K tonight! We are Kinder bound!!! 

What are you loving today!?!

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

1st Game Fail

Last night was supposed to be Levi's very first Ranger game!!! The boys were dressed and ready to go yesterday morning and told everyone at school! Needless to say it didn't pan out, thanks to rain!! But we sure did have fun waiting and I got some cute pictures to show for it!! So even though Levi didn't get to experience his first game....he did get to experience his first trip to the ballpark! And that my friends is definitely blog worthy!
My three boys!! Please look at Levi's face!! He had smiles like this ALL night!!

 See what I mean!!

He sat so still and just looked around and watched the grounds crew as they worked on the field! He definitely took it all in!!

And my big boy....loved every minute as well....but was definitely a little worried about the weather.

Eventually they called the game off. The makeup game is scheduled for August, but I'm sure we will try again before that!!

Levi, I think, thought he watched the game! While we were sitting, they had another MLB game playing on the screen and he watched that, ha!! The boys were bummed but still enjoyed the time out there!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Whew! What a fun weekend we had!! And now I have a bad case of the Monday blues on this Tuesday morning! But I keep reminding myself only 8 more days of school!!!
We had a great fun filled weekend! 
Saturday started early with a birthday party for sweet little Preston, who turned two! Katie put together an adorable puppy dog themed party!
Lane & Braedon

Morgan, Preston, and Levi enjoying cupcakes...our sweet new neighbors! Lots of fun times ahead with these three!

Saturday evening we sent the boys with my aunt and her family to the new drive in theater in Ft.Worth!! They saw Epic and they both loved the drive in!! Paul and I will have to go check it out soon! Paul and I spent our kid free night with new friends! Dinner, drinks, and more drinks, ha! It was a fun night!!
On Sunday we slept in till 10!!!! Crazy! That never happens!!! Once we picked up the boys we headed to a friends house for a little Pre-K end of the year pool party! Lane had a blast! I just love these kids!

The boys were exhausted that night, and went to bed early!

Yesterday we woke up to grey that nixed any swimming plans we had! We lounged around, then finally got out for lunch and some shopping! I picked up my next book at Target and I am so ready to begin it....

I will read ANY book by this author! His first two novels were amazing, especially A Thousand Splendid Suns! So good!! Hopefully this one is just as good! I'll let ya know!
We ended our long weekend by having some friends over and grilling out! Perfect end to our weekend!
Now if I can just make it through the next two weeks! Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!!

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Friday, May 24, 2013

{5 on Friday}

Darci over at The Good Life is hosting a fun Friday link up, so I'd thought I'd join in! And, right now it is 9:30, so I can still make it, ha!!
So here's my FIVE random things I'm loving today.....
My new camera strap that came on Monday! Perfect colors for the summer!
This is my favorite pin of the week! Who would not love to sit and work at this desk!? This tutorial for a super cute mouse pad is very easy and has me planning my next IKEA run!
Okay, anyone else out there watching Nashville!? I LOVE this particular Mr.  Deacon!! Sad to see it go for the summer.
The first week of Ft. Worth Moms Blog being live! Go check it out if you haven't...and Ft. Worth mommas, there is an awesome giveaway over there today!
And lastly, I'm just glad it's a three day weekend!!!! And add to that, that I have only EIGHT days of school left, holla!!!!
Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend!!!
Oh, and what's your FIVE ON FRIDAY!?!?!
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Imitating Daddy

Lane loves to do whatever daddy does. Recently he has been "pretend shaving" in the baths with his hands, so when I saw this kit at Walmart I knew Lane would love it!
Is it not precious!?!?

He was so excited and could not wait for bath time that night!

 He totally thinks he's big time now!!

And he got a few pointers from daddy!

This was Monday night...and you know what we have done pre bath for the past two nights....yep shave!! He LOVES it! I try to explain that daddy doesn't shave every single night, but it doesn't work, he has to! 
Even though he can't wait to grow up and get big like daddy....I wish more than anything that I could slow down time!
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Fun

We had a somewhat busy somewhat not so busy weekend! Saturday morning I decided that I just did not want to get up early and all. So I decided to forego Lane's t-ball game (sorry sweetie) and stay home with Levi, snuggle and drink coffee! By 10:15ish the big boys were back home and we enjoyed the remainder of the afternoon doing yard work and just hanging at the house! 
So here lately, Levi has been kinda obsessed with his gloves. And yes it was around 90 degrees Saturday, and yes we had them on all day, including our trip to Home Depot! And yes we got some weird looks....a toddler sporting gloves in May, but ya know, it just wasn't a battle I wanted to fight!

Sidenote.....if you haven't checked out the new app, A Beautiful Mess, you're missing out!! Super fun!

That evening we dropped the kids off with grandparents, and headed to Ft. Worth to celebrate Kelly turning the big 30!!! We started with dinner and drinks on the roof top of Live Oak, then made our way to a bar! afterwards! Fun times!

Yesterday we had our last t-ball game of the season (yeah)! 

The weekend must have exhausted mister Levi because he fell asleep at 5 'o clock yesterday evening and slept until 6 this morning!!!

We are officially on the countdown to summer!! Three weeks!!
Also, Ft. Worth Moms Blog launched today!! Go check it out...lots of fun giveaways!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

This is a very belated Mother's Day post, but here it is!
My mother's day celebration started out Saturday evening! We decided to do my Mother's Day dinner on Saturday night, to try and avoid some of the crowd on Sunday. So we went to our favorite spot, Town Square. Our first stop was Barnes & Noble. Lane had a gift card there from his birthday that we hadn't spent yet, so we let him pick out some things. He choose a Lego set and about ten books! Books I fully plan on him reading completely by himself by summers end! I also picked up a "Summer before Kinder Math Book", which I plan on using this summer with him to build his math skills!
After that we walked to Cheesecake Factory (my fav) and found ourselves with about a 45 minute wait! So we walked over to the courtyard to let the boys play around the water fountain and just run around while we waited! Side note: While sitting and waiting, Paul and I witnessed a proposal! It was too cute!!
We ate a very delicious dinner and snapped some pics with my boys!

On Sunday I woke up to my gift! I love love love it!! My hubby rocks!! 

It was a gorgeous day, so we decided to head out to Six Flags for a couple of hours! We have passes, so we were like why not!? They boys had fun!

On our way home we stopped by our local sno cone stand!

That night we cooked dinner and played in the backyard! Even though we didn't get to spend time with our mothers, it was a perfect day! There's nothing more I love than being with my three boys!! I am so grateful for being these two boys mommy!!
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