Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Fun

We had a somewhat busy somewhat not so busy weekend! Saturday morning I decided that I just did not want to get up early and all. So I decided to forego Lane's t-ball game (sorry sweetie) and stay home with Levi, snuggle and drink coffee! By 10:15ish the big boys were back home and we enjoyed the remainder of the afternoon doing yard work and just hanging at the house! 
So here lately, Levi has been kinda obsessed with his gloves. And yes it was around 90 degrees Saturday, and yes we had them on all day, including our trip to Home Depot! And yes we got some weird looks....a toddler sporting gloves in May, but ya know, it just wasn't a battle I wanted to fight!

Sidenote.....if you haven't checked out the new app, A Beautiful Mess, you're missing out!! Super fun!

That evening we dropped the kids off with grandparents, and headed to Ft. Worth to celebrate Kelly turning the big 30!!! We started with dinner and drinks on the roof top of Live Oak, then made our way to a bar! afterwards! Fun times!

Yesterday we had our last t-ball game of the season (yeah)! 

The weekend must have exhausted mister Levi because he fell asleep at 5 'o clock yesterday evening and slept until 6 this morning!!!

We are officially on the countdown to summer!! Three weeks!!
Also, Ft. Worth Moms Blog launched today!! Go check it out...lots of fun giveaways!!

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Dawn said...

I love the mittens! Garrett has that same Ranger's outfit. Gotta love Target!