Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Phone Dump

Happy Tuesday Friends!! 
It's time for another phone dump!! These are some from over the weekend and the beginning of the week! Enjoy! 
Levi got his own set of power wheels for his birthday! Now he can keep up with Lane. We tested it out on Saturday! 

Last Friday was Pirate day at school!! I couldn't go but I "borrowed" this pic from a fellow SS mommy's Facebook page!! His crazy class!!! 

Friday night some friends came over to drop off a gift for Levi. Sweet little Olivia was sick and couldn't make it to the party! So Saturday daddy and Lane worked on putting his new car station together!

Daddy also put together the new Pirate water table that we got Levi! The boys played with it inside for a bit!

Levi has decided that he wants to ride with Lane's baseball helmet on! Silly!

Sunday evening, the boys and I went to a graduation party. They had a photo booth area with props set up, so we had a little fun!

If you follow me on FB, you already know about the shower attempt!

Levi loves bananas and asked for one as a "nack" last night!

Snuggle time before bed!

After the boys went down, Paul and I enjoyed our new media room last night with a few adult beverages!! And yes my hubby is awesome, watching DWTS with me!!

Well that's all folks!!

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