Thursday, May 30, 2013

1st Game Fail

Last night was supposed to be Levi's very first Ranger game!!! The boys were dressed and ready to go yesterday morning and told everyone at school! Needless to say it didn't pan out, thanks to rain!! But we sure did have fun waiting and I got some cute pictures to show for it!! So even though Levi didn't get to experience his first game....he did get to experience his first trip to the ballpark! And that my friends is definitely blog worthy!
My three boys!! Please look at Levi's face!! He had smiles like this ALL night!!

 See what I mean!!

He sat so still and just looked around and watched the grounds crew as they worked on the field! He definitely took it all in!!

And my big boy....loved every minute as well....but was definitely a little worried about the weather.

Eventually they called the game off. The makeup game is scheduled for August, but I'm sure we will try again before that!!

Levi, I think, thought he watched the game! While we were sitting, they had another MLB game playing on the screen and he watched that, ha!! The boys were bummed but still enjoyed the time out there!

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