Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Let's Go on an Adventure

We have some dear friends who go camping alot, and they have always said that we should all go! Well, after months of trying to find a weekend that would work for all, we finally made it happen! 
This past Friday we headed over to Mineral Wells State Park for some camping fun!

Us and two other families went and we had the best set-up! We each had our own little area, but then we had this he open area right in the middle. The kids had a blast playing and roaming in the woods!

 Making smores!

Saturday morning we woke up and made breakfast. It was a little chilly that morning, which I loved!

Then we landed up and went on a two mile hike! It was so much fun!

 The kids had to stop at every single rock to climb it!

After the hike we ate lunch then took the kids fishing and swimming!

We grilled radiates for dinner, ate some more smores, and the kids played all night! Sunday morning, before leaving, we celebrated Cooper's 10th birthday!!

This was our very first time camping, but I know that there will be more trips!!

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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Turing ONE...Cinco de Mayo Style

We are waiting till Memorial Day weekend to have Luke's first birthday party, so after the boys got out of school, we headed down to Midlothian to watch Haley play her playoff game.

Afterwards, we found a cute little Mexican restaurant to celebrate Cinco de Mayo AND Luke's birthday! My aunt made a few cupcakes for me, so we lite a candle and sang to him!!

Got to have a sombrero

Luke LOVED his cupcake....

and was not a happy camper when we finally took it away!

He had a great first birthday and I can't wait to celebrate him for real at his birthday party!!

Friday, May 5, 2017

To Luke on your FIRST Birthday


There are no words to express how much we love you! You are our precious precious little Cinco de Mayo baby!! I love that! We waited a long time for you, and to be completely honest we had just resigned to being a family of four! But God had other plans, and gave us you. This year has flown by and you have just been the perfect little addition!

You definitely get drug around from ball field to ball field, but thankfully you haven't seemed to mind too much!

You adore your brothers and are already trying to play with them!

You love Gunner and have recently become buds, following him around, "throwing" toys for him!

You eat like a champ! Pretty much anything and everything.
You are still in size 4 diapers, 18 month clothes, and growing!

You can say mama, dada, and working on bubba! But you "talk" all the time!

Last week, after you finished your last tub of formula, we pulled the plug and switched you to whole milk! You weren't sure what to think at first, but quickly took to it! 

You are more interested in playing with the TV remotes and my phone than any toy you have!

You love to go outside.

You have the craziest blonde hair I've ever seen! 

You have just been a little blessing!! Happy 1st Birthday Luke man!! We love you can can't wait to watch as you continue to grow and learn!!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Track & Field

This April the boys participated in a little track and fields league! It it just four meets long, so short and sweet! They boys both loved it and turned out to be fast little runners!! 

They each did the long jump, 100 yard dash,  and the 100 yard hurdles. Levi also did a shuttle relay, and Lane did the 200 yard dash, and the 400 yard relay!

They both rarely lost a race!

It was so fun running track! Look forward to doing it again next year!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Levi Turns 6! are SIX!!! You have been waiting all month for your birthday!!! You have grown so much this year and are still are little spit fire! You woke up to a little birthday celebration, with presents and pancakes! Then you had TWO baseball games!!

You keep us on our toes! 

You keep us laughing!

You can drive us crazy in an instant!

You are All ABOUT Baseball!!

Happy Birthday Levi!!

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