Friday, July 26, 2013

{5 on Friday} Back to School Books Edition

 Happy Friday Friends!!
It's Five on Friday time again! Last night we went to dinner and afterwards the boys wanted to go to Barnes and Noble...which I was totally okay with! They had the cutest section of Back to School books that Lane and I looked through!

And so that's what inspired this weeks Five on Friday! School will be here before we know it, and I thought that these five books would be perfect to read to my big Kinder and get him ready for school!!

The Night Before Kindergarten.....this one I already have! I mean come on, this is the perfect book for the night before!
The Day the Crayons Quit....this is a seriously cute book about crayons going on strike!!
Kindergarten Rocks....Another one that is perfect for Lane.
Monstergarten....again, another super cute one!!!
Pete the Cat Rocking in my School Shoes....Lane loves Pete the Cat, so I know this will be fun!!
I can't wait to start reading these to Lane in preparation for this big day!!!
.Any other good back to school book recommendations!?!

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Monday, July 22, 2013

It's a Bird, It's a Plane!

Last Friday night after dinner, the weather was awesome and we were looking for something to do. Well, we wound up at the observation deck of DFW to watch the planes come in. Our boys both love planes and we knew they'd enjoy it.
They both were in awe when we first got there! 

Not only were they watching the planes come in, but they got to run all around!

Mister Levi found like the only mud puddle there and of course ran through it a couple of times before we could grab him! He thought it was awesome!

Sweet face!

This weekend we officially started working on my "mom room"! I love how it's coming along! i'll share pics later! I enjoyed a very random day alone today, and it was awesome!! Thanks so mu aunt for keeping the boys all shopping along is oh so nice!.
In other news, more or less to document so one day when we are reading our blog books we will remember was pretty historical...the future king of England was born today, and it was a boy!! Pretty neat!!

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Friday, July 19, 2013

{5 on Friday}

It's Friday friends!!! And you know what that means...time for 5 on Friday with Darci and Friends!
We have had a fun week at another Vacation Bible School and it has flown by!!
Anyway here's what I'm loving this week....
OK, so I'm sure you have all seen CFA's new salads, but have you tried them?! I've had their Asian Salad twice this week on playdates and OMG, it is so good!! Especially with their new Avocado Lime Ranch Dressing...yum yum!!
I've finally been given the green light by the hubs (probably due to constant nagging) to start my "mom room"! Yes, it will still be half guest room, but I am super excited to get a little space of my own!! I've been gathering ideas and I think we are going to go with good ole Expedits!! Here is a little "inspiration board" I put together...and I think I'm leaning towards Coral and Navy!
The hubs and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary this week!!!
We had three playdates in a row this week with some sweet friends! My boys love to hang with their friends! This little lady ended up in our car a couple of times this week!
I'm obsessed with two new print additions to my laundry/mud room! I have had the canvas for awhile and love those colors! I found this print on Etsy last week and the colors matched the canvas, then this quote from Darci and knew I had to have it!! I am a little inpatient and went ahead and made it myself with the color I needed!! Love how it looks now!!
That's it! Thanks for stopping by!! Looking forward to the weekend!!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

An "Accidental" Breaking

For the past five years...with about a four month break in there before Levi was born, pacifiers have been in my life. And a HUGE part of it I might add! Constantly looking for those bad boys when they disappear, always making sure we have it before we walk out the door, and more times than not having them stashed in various places! I have lost more than I can count, and bought more than that!!

But NO more folks! I am happy to say our house is a paci free house!!!! Levi is going on week three without it!!
So let me back up and tell y'all how this went down. See I was not even thinking about breaking him anytime soon. I have never been one to stress over the paci. I was thinking more along of the lines of this Fall, about the same time and age I broke Lane of his. Well rewind to June 29th, my birthday. I was out getting a pedi and Paul was at home, packing the boys to go stay the night with my aunt. He called me on the way there and said he had forgot Levi's paci! I immediately told him to go back home and get it OR go buy one! His just give my aunt five bucks so she could get it! Well that never happened, and he made it through the night without it, perfectly fine. And he made it all day Sunday, without it, perfectly fine. So, Sunday night, the big we or don't we give it back. Well I don't think I even stood a chance giving it back, because Paul was like NO WAY are we giving it back! We are riding this out! And so we did!
And I kid you not when I say this was a piece of cake! Not only did he not ask for it, he didn't even cry for it at night!! Not one!! It was so crazy and easy!
Truth be told, part of me was actually a little sad to be giving it up. Besides potty training, this was the last thing keeping him in "baby mode", and I didn't want to leave that phase just yet. He loved that thing to death and it was kinda sweet when he had it! But I got over it, and now my life is a little bit less stressful. No more looking for paci's!!

Here are a couple of sweet pics of my baby to document this milestone...

The love affair begins!!

One of the very first, if not the first, picture I have with Levi and his paci!

So proud of my big boy!!
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Saturday, July 13, 2013

{Summer Camp #3} Soccer

Summer seems to be just flying on by! We have been super busy this week with soccer camp and I haven't found hardly any time to blog, so this post is all about our week, camp and all!
 It was every morning from 9-11:30. Lane did great with the heat and had a blast at camp! The three coaches were all from England, and he thought their accents were the funniest thing!


One day after camp we got sno cones!                    

Lane and Levi made this make shift basketball goal!
Tuesday after camp we had a lunch date at McDonald's! We had just saw Despicable Me 2, so the boys loved getting minions!

On Thursday we hit up 7 Eleven for free Slurpees and then went to the bounce house for jumping fun!

I snapped this pic when I dropped Lane off this morning, his last day! They got these cute little jerseys...well....
little stinker wanted his picture taken too! Seriously how precious is he!?!
We made it back out for their last scrimmage.
Award time!
Whole camp group shot!

His small group!

It was a full week, but a good one! Yea for the weekend!!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Waco Trip...x2!

Trip 1: The Tuesday before the 4th, Lane went to Waco to spend a few days with my aunt, uncle, and cousins! He loves going to Waco and would literally stay a month if he could!
The first night there my cousin Jared had an All-Star baseball game! Lane loves to watch Jared play!

They won and went out to celebrate! My aunt said that Lane loved hanging with the "big boys", and thankfully they didn't mind him either!

The next day they all went to Hawaiian Falls, again, he thought he was so big!
  Sleeping with Haley

And he always gets spoiled down there! This time uncle Mark bought him a real "bug cage" and even caught him a lizard! Needless to say "Shadow" now lives at our house, ha!

Trip 2: Friday after the 4th, all four of us headed back down to Waco to watch Jared play in the championship game.
 They won and we got cute pics with #11!

 Saturday morning we woke up and ate good ole Shipleys by the pool....

Spent some time in the batting cage....

 and spent the majoirty of the afternoon in the pool!!!

 That evening we all went to see Despicable Me 2 and to dinner!

It was a fast trip but a fun one!! I'm sure Lane is already wanting to head back down!!