Monday, July 22, 2013

It's a Bird, It's a Plane!

Last Friday night after dinner, the weather was awesome and we were looking for something to do. Well, we wound up at the observation deck of DFW to watch the planes come in. Our boys both love planes and we knew they'd enjoy it.
They both were in awe when we first got there! 

Not only were they watching the planes come in, but they got to run all around!

Mister Levi found like the only mud puddle there and of course ran through it a couple of times before we could grab him! He thought it was awesome!

Sweet face!

This weekend we officially started working on my "mom room"! I love how it's coming along! i'll share pics later! I enjoyed a very random day alone today, and it was awesome!! Thanks so mu aunt for keeping the boys all shopping along is oh so nice!.
In other news, more or less to document so one day when we are reading our blog books we will remember was pretty historical...the future king of England was born today, and it was a boy!! Pretty neat!!

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