Friday, July 12, 2013

Waco Trip...x2!

Trip 1: The Tuesday before the 4th, Lane went to Waco to spend a few days with my aunt, uncle, and cousins! He loves going to Waco and would literally stay a month if he could!
The first night there my cousin Jared had an All-Star baseball game! Lane loves to watch Jared play!

They won and went out to celebrate! My aunt said that Lane loved hanging with the "big boys", and thankfully they didn't mind him either!

The next day they all went to Hawaiian Falls, again, he thought he was so big!
  Sleeping with Haley

And he always gets spoiled down there! This time uncle Mark bought him a real "bug cage" and even caught him a lizard! Needless to say "Shadow" now lives at our house, ha!

Trip 2: Friday after the 4th, all four of us headed back down to Waco to watch Jared play in the championship game.
 They won and we got cute pics with #11!

 Saturday morning we woke up and ate good ole Shipleys by the pool....

Spent some time in the batting cage....

 and spent the majoirty of the afternoon in the pool!!!

 That evening we all went to see Despicable Me 2 and to dinner!

It was a fast trip but a fun one!! I'm sure Lane is already wanting to head back down!!

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