Monday, October 31, 2011

Sometimes Being a Brother is Even Better than Being a Superhero -Marc Brown

A friend showed me this quote and I think it fits the occassion perfectly!! These boys don't understand it yet, but one day they will!!
Tonight was another fun filled Halloween! Lane was over the top excited about trick-or-treating this year!!! In part because he has been so excited about wearing his costume!!
And Levi had his first Halloween!! He enjoyed trick-or-treating from the comfort of his stroller! He loved it...just sat and watched!
.When Lane told me he wanted to be Batman this Halloween, I knew exactly what Levi would be...I mean there will be a time when I can't really have my say with both boys!!
I think these two are the cutest little superheros!! This mommy is super blessed to have them both!!

Favorite quote of the night...."If I ring the doorbell twice they'll give me two pieces of candy"! Precious boy!!!


...someone was a little interested in the grass!!!
Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Levi Austin: Six Months

Oh my goodness time has flown....half way to a year already!!

I think you have changed the most this month!
*You have definitely mastered rolling. We will put you down and you will just roll all around.
*You have also just recently started sitting up by yourself. You have pretty good control and only fall over if your trying to reach for something!
*Speaking of reaching for reach for everything!!! And everything goes straight to your mouth.

*When on your tummy, you are actually trying to "scoot" pull up your legs and get on all fours and try to crawl....I think it won't be long!
*You are eating soilds. You have had all of them so far.

* You are wearing...depending on the brand...6-12 month clothes!! You are definitely my big boy!
*You just had your first cough/cold.

*You sleep through the night.
*You  love to laugh and smile!

You are such a good baby!! I can't believe you are six months old. I need time to slow down!
Here is my little stinker sporting some of his Halloween pjs!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Fun Filled Visit

Wow....what a busy weekend we had! We spent the last few days of my mom and sisters' visit having lots of fun! They all left on Monday morning and since then we have all been trying to get back in routine! With both boys being out of daycare for almost two weeks....mommy and daddy have gotten spoiled with not having quite so crazy mornings!! So we are getting back to normal around here....we've had a ton of food in the house (until yesterday...thanks to my hubby)...a sick baby...a book club book I'm trying to finish...and world series games that have kept us from doing much of anything at nights, ha!!
But the boys had a blast with Grammie, Aunt Brittany, and Brody boy and we were sad to see them go!! I have so much to blog about in the next couple of days, but for now I will leave you with random pics of the boys from their visit...these are mostly from my sister's camera of the three amigos during the days!!
Levi and Aunt Brittany

They all went to Waco for a couple of days last boys included! They spent lots of time playing with Haley and Jared!

Brody loved all Lane's trains!

Love this pic...especially Levi's new smile!

Cousin love

My little sweetie pie!

A little costume sneak peak!

What a fun two weeks the boys got to spend together!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumpkin Fun

We are in full swing Halloween mode around here! Decorations are out, costumes bought, and candy is filling all our candy bowls!! Lane is obsessed with his costume...he asks to wear it lie!! It's very cute but annoying at the same time, ha!
Anyway, we have pumpkins everywhere around here!!
Robin made these awesome carved pumpkins for the boys! They are precious!!!

Especially when lit up! Levi got his name pumpkin and each big boy got one to go with their costumes!!!

And I picked up these fun little pumpkin push-ins at Target....I thought Lane would like them and be something fun! They are too cute!!

So if you come over this Halloween season, Buzz and Woody will greet ya at the door!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Fun Filled Day

This past Sunday my mom, sister, and nephew Brody came in town to visit with us for awhile!! Lane and Levi are getting to enjoy time off from daycare and Lane and Brody are playing up a storm!
Monday we had off of school so we decided to take advantage of the day and go have fun! And we did! We started off at Lego Land. This was our first time to go and Lane was super excited!! It is definitely over-priced but Lane loved it!
Here is little man all smiles! This is his new smile face!

They let people in in groups and you go into this small room, where a guy does a little spill about Lego's and how they power stuff...anyway Lane got picked to be one of the volunteers! The dude definitly fit the "crazy scientist" part! You can kinda get a glimps of him back in the corner!

Next up was a little sit in a car...and take a ride through a tunnel shooting the bad guys! Right up Lane's alley and he loved it! Even though I was snapping away, I somehow ended up with the highest score!

Daddy loved it to

I couldn't resist!!

They had a room full of Lego creations!! All were things around favs were Cowboy Stadium...Great Wolf...DFW, and American Airlines.

This was all daddy and aunt Brittany's idea....pretty funny though! Go Rangers!

Another area was a build your own lego racecar and then race it area! Again right up Lane's alley!! Of course Paul had to help him build it!

My aunt Angie and Haley and Jared were with us...they built one as well!

Proud of his car

Race time! We did this several times!

His car was the one closest to him.

Brody wanted in on this action!

Then we thought what the heck and headed over to Sea Life!

Didn't take awhole lot of pictures here. It was pretty neat..just an aquarium..again totally over-priced!

Our last stop of the day was Chucky Cheese! We had a little family birthday celebration for Brody boy...who will be two on November 4th!!

It was a fun filled day! All three boys did great...and were exhausted by the time we got home that night!!
We have lots of other fun events planned during their stay!!