Sunday, October 30, 2011

Levi Austin: Six Months

Oh my goodness time has flown....half way to a year already!!

I think you have changed the most this month!
*You have definitely mastered rolling. We will put you down and you will just roll all around.
*You have also just recently started sitting up by yourself. You have pretty good control and only fall over if your trying to reach for something!
*Speaking of reaching for reach for everything!!! And everything goes straight to your mouth.

*When on your tummy, you are actually trying to "scoot" pull up your legs and get on all fours and try to crawl....I think it won't be long!
*You are eating soilds. You have had all of them so far.

* You are wearing...depending on the brand...6-12 month clothes!! You are definitely my big boy!
*You just had your first cough/cold.

*You sleep through the night.
*You  love to laugh and smile!

You are such a good baby!! I can't believe you are six months old. I need time to slow down!
Here is my little stinker sporting some of his Halloween pjs!!

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Brittany Stokes said...

So sweet! Miss that little guy so much!