Friday, October 14, 2011

A Fun Filled Day

This past Sunday my mom, sister, and nephew Brody came in town to visit with us for awhile!! Lane and Levi are getting to enjoy time off from daycare and Lane and Brody are playing up a storm!
Monday we had off of school so we decided to take advantage of the day and go have fun! And we did! We started off at Lego Land. This was our first time to go and Lane was super excited!! It is definitely over-priced but Lane loved it!
Here is little man all smiles! This is his new smile face!

They let people in in groups and you go into this small room, where a guy does a little spill about Lego's and how they power stuff...anyway Lane got picked to be one of the volunteers! The dude definitly fit the "crazy scientist" part! You can kinda get a glimps of him back in the corner!

Next up was a little sit in a car...and take a ride through a tunnel shooting the bad guys! Right up Lane's alley and he loved it! Even though I was snapping away, I somehow ended up with the highest score!

Daddy loved it to

I couldn't resist!!

They had a room full of Lego creations!! All were things around favs were Cowboy Stadium...Great Wolf...DFW, and American Airlines.

This was all daddy and aunt Brittany's idea....pretty funny though! Go Rangers!

Another area was a build your own lego racecar and then race it area! Again right up Lane's alley!! Of course Paul had to help him build it!

My aunt Angie and Haley and Jared were with us...they built one as well!

Proud of his car

Race time! We did this several times!

His car was the one closest to him.

Brody wanted in on this action!

Then we thought what the heck and headed over to Sea Life!

Didn't take awhole lot of pictures here. It was pretty neat..just an aquarium..again totally over-priced!

Our last stop of the day was Chucky Cheese! We had a little family birthday celebration for Brody boy...who will be two on November 4th!!

It was a fun filled day! All three boys did great...and were exhausted by the time we got home that night!!
We have lots of other fun events planned during their stay!!

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