Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Fun Filled Visit

Wow....what a busy weekend we had! We spent the last few days of my mom and sisters' visit having lots of fun! They all left on Monday morning and since then we have all been trying to get back in routine! With both boys being out of daycare for almost two weeks....mommy and daddy have gotten spoiled with not having quite so crazy mornings!! So we are getting back to normal around here....we've had a ton of food in the house (until yesterday...thanks to my hubby)...a sick baby...a book club book I'm trying to finish...and world series games that have kept us from doing much of anything at nights, ha!!
But the boys had a blast with Grammie, Aunt Brittany, and Brody boy and we were sad to see them go!! I have so much to blog about in the next couple of days, but for now I will leave you with random pics of the boys from their visit...these are mostly from my sister's camera of the three amigos during the days!!
Levi and Aunt Brittany

They all went to Waco for a couple of days last boys included! They spent lots of time playing with Haley and Jared!

Brody loved all Lane's trains!

Love this pic...especially Levi's new smile!

Cousin love

My little sweetie pie!

A little costume sneak peak!

What a fun two weeks the boys got to spend together!

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Brittany Stokes said...

Man we took the exact same pictures!!! haha