Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Catch Up

Hello Friday and hello blog world!! January is always a really low key, boring month for us....coming off of the holiday craziness, no birthdays or celebrations this month, just going with the flow...which equals not a whole lot of blog worthy material, ha!
So what have I been up to lately....

1. Listening to Serial

I had been seeing this pop up ALL over social media and a few blogs I follow, so I was curious and checked it out. It's a podcast telling the story of a young man, who back in '99, was convicted of murder of his ex.  I had never listened to a podcast, but like most things I had been reading and seeing, I was immediately hooked! The narrator, Sarah Koenig, was wonderful to listen too! It's very intriguing and makes you look at murder cases a little differently! You should definitely check it out!!
2. Getting ready for our Mexico trip

We leave a week from Sunday and I am so ready!! I can't wait for four days of beach, sun, swimming, and lots of fruity drinks!!
3. Planning our NYC 10 Year Anniversary Trip

There are NO words for how excited I am to be finally going to NYC!! Our 10 year is this July, and after some convincing, we chose New York! Our flights are booked, and I've been doing so much research on hotels and things to do there!! I can't wait!! Oh and if you have any hotels recs please do so!
4. Working on the boys new shared bedroom
I'll do a much better and bigger post once it's complete, but I've loved putting this room together piece by piece for the boys! Here is one of my favorite things....
 Once Levi plays his first season of baseball, I'll swap out his soccer picture, but for now I think this is so sweet!! Poster cred here!
5. Reading

I've finished two books and started number 3! I'll recap those in a post soon!
6. Feeling so sad that Parenthood ended last night

As most of you out there, I love this show...I love the writing, the characters, love it all! I hate that it's over, but what can you do. I thought the finale last night was beautifully done. Of course I cried through most of it, but also smiled alot...and the, so much to take in there, I actually had to do a little rewinding to make sure I was actually seeing what I was seeing (ahem, four kids for Joel and Julia)!!

And I guess that's it for now!! Hope ya'll are having a great Friday!!! Yea for the weekend!!!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

NYE...Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

Finally getting around to my last holiday post...New Years Eve!! We made a very impromptu trip to Waco to celebrate NYE with the family! First up was dinner at La Fiesta and then back home to have some fun! WE ate, drank, played long games of Phase Ten and all stayed up way too late to ring in the New Year! As always, my boys had a blast in Waco with their cousins and their friends! Here is our night in pics...

So thankful my Nana was able to be at home with us!

My bartender for the night!

Group selfie!!

Ringing in the New came out blurry but I thought it was cute!

We headed outside, in the freezing cold, rainy weather for sparklers!

Trying to copy a pinterest photo, but it was a BIG fail!

Thankful for a wonderful 2014...and looking forward to many more memories in 2015!

Happy (late) New Year!!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2014 Book Challenge Recap

So last January I set a goal to read 30 books this year. I read anyway, but I really wanted to push myself and read MORE. Well as you can see below, I fell a little short on that goal! BUT, I don't feel bad because I aimed high and I feel like 21 books is good enough for me! I would have loved to read more, but some months were just a little tougher than some! It is what it is.
I feel like I covered a lot of genres this year, from young adult to historical fiction! I tried to keep up my book reviews here, but didn't get to several! 
Anyway, here is my complete list for 2014!

Big Little Lies was my favorite novel this year! And not just because it was the last thing in my mind, ha! I LOVE Liane Moriarty stories, and her strong female characters,  and this one did not disappoint....set in Australia, it followed a group of kindergarten moms with alot of school politics, family life, and a great plot line. It's one of those books that you do not want to end, you just keep hoping you can open up the book and keep on going with these people's lives! So so good!
So there is my list!
 I'm setting another reading goal for 2015...keeping it high but a little more attainable for I want to read at least 25 books this year! In addition to that I'm also joining in on this fun reading challenge hosted by Modern Mrs. Darcy! If you  are a reader, you must follow her blog! I think this is a super fun way to pick books, and may push me to pick up books I might otherwise wouldn't (which is one thing I always loved about book club).

And to start off the year I am reading Flirting with Felicity! 

I was browsing Amazon, and have ya'll ever heard of Kindle First? Me neither...but apparently each month Kindle will have four books that are not yet published for purchase to those with an amazon kindle account! You can buy two for$1.99! Score! Anyway this novel won't be published until Feb. 1!
So there you go!! I'd love to hear what your favorite read of the year was!?! 
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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Texas Bowl...Otherwise known as the Letdown

Oh totally fail to show up at all for your bowl game. It was hard to watch us do NOTHING all game long. At least pretend to try and play football!.
Uh, yea so the Furr Four made a quick trip to Houston for the Texas Bowl, we had medium hopes (ha), and even though the game didn't turn out like we hoped, we had a great little time, and a fun family memory was made!
A pic with Brody before we left!

At our hotel

After we checked in, rested a bit, we headed to dinner at Champs, and on our way there saw the Co-op! We had to stop!

Our sad faces the morning after!

Next year Texas, next year!
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Christmas Day

Christmas morning the boys were up around 7:30 ready to see what Santa had left them!!

Still a little sleepy-eyed! 

And the fun, and the mess, began....

After Santa gifts, then was grammie and aunt Brittany!


My family came over that afternoon and we had lots of fun

Nana and all her boys!

And papa and Robin

Me and my man

Someone got shoulder pads and loved them!

Mom and daughters!

We had a great Christmas with all our family!
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