Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2014 Book Challenge Recap

So last January I set a goal to read 30 books this year. I read anyway, but I really wanted to push myself and read MORE. Well as you can see below, I fell a little short on that goal! BUT, I don't feel bad because I aimed high and I feel like 21 books is good enough for me! I would have loved to read more, but some months were just a little tougher than some! It is what it is.
I feel like I covered a lot of genres this year, from young adult to historical fiction! I tried to keep up my book reviews here, but didn't get to several! 
Anyway, here is my complete list for 2014!

Big Little Lies was my favorite novel this year! And not just because it was the last thing in my mind, ha! I LOVE Liane Moriarty stories, and her strong female characters,  and this one did not disappoint....set in Australia, it followed a group of kindergarten moms with alot of school politics, family life, and a great plot line. It's one of those books that you do not want to end, you just keep hoping you can open up the book and keep on going with these people's lives! So so good!
So there is my list!
 I'm setting another reading goal for 2015...keeping it high but a little more attainable for I want to read at least 25 books this year! In addition to that I'm also joining in on this fun reading challenge hosted by Modern Mrs. Darcy! If you  are a reader, you must follow her blog! I think this is a super fun way to pick books, and may push me to pick up books I might otherwise wouldn't (which is one thing I always loved about book club).

And to start off the year I am reading Flirting with Felicity! 

I was browsing Amazon, and have ya'll ever heard of Kindle First? Me neither...but apparently each month Kindle will have four books that are not yet published for purchase to those with an amazon kindle account! You can buy two for$1.99! Score! Anyway this novel won't be published until Feb. 1!
So there you go!! I'd love to hear what your favorite read of the year was!?! 
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